Windows 10 will receive improvements in its interface

Microsoft is reviewing the final details for the Build 2016 conference taking place in San Francisco (California), from 30 March to 1 April. It is an annual meeting between representatives of Redmond with fans of Microsoft and developers where the company presents its latest developments regarding their software.

We know that these last months they have been working on various ways to improve Live Tiles making them interactive, and we are almost convinced that this will be another novelty that will take place in Build 2016. Now, thanks to some info on some videos Microsoft has posted on its section Channel 9, we have been able to find out a little more about what they will tell us in this event.

Although the videos are not yet available because they will be uploaded after the event, the info and description has allowed us to find out a little about what we will find. Apparently, in addition to the developments we might see in relation to interactive Live Tiles, it seems that various changes will also be discussed regarding the interface of Windows 10, but we do not know yet what specific aspects.

First, simply a reference to the universal application platform is made, and the possibilities offered to developers to have presence on multiple devices, indicating that Windows 10 will provide various changes, improvements and features in its user interface.

Moreover, the second description talks about the importance of creating a good interface for an application, since its functionality is only half the job. This section will focus on the Windows Store applications with better interface, and show how you can improve with the developments in animations and effects, that they hope will surprise users.

Finally, the description of the third video indicates that the company will focus on teaching participants how to achieve a user experience that makes your application qualify for 5 stars, using the new features of the Windows platform as shading and lighting, among others.

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