Avoiding forever upgrading to Windows 10

Since Microsoft released a new version of its operating system, Windows 10, there have been many strategies followed by the company to get this latest version to reach the largest possible number of users. Downloading all files in the new system without users knowledge or including a notification system in the security update of Internet Explorer are some of them.

However, in recent months we have seen some tricks or applications that allow you to avoid installing Windows 10 on your computer accidentally. These tools prevented notifications or advertisements for installation or automatic downloading of the operating system on your hard drive.

Well, now Gibson Research Corporation has just launched a completely free tool with which we will definitely help us be able to forget the controversial strategies chosen by Microsoft to install Windows 10 on our computer. And we say final because with Never 10, this application’s name, we should never have to worry about downloading and installing Windows 10 on our device again, because it is responsible for blocking this possibility forever.

This is a really useful tool, which allows us to very easily block any ruse created by Microsoft to make Windows 10 update come to our PCs running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. To do this, simply download and run the totally free Never 10 application and it will show you four simple screens from which, with a simple button, you can activate or deactivate the upgrade to Windows 10 very easily.

Never 10

In addition, Never 10 also allows you to check if the latest update of Windows Update is already installed on your computer, so you can make sure it’s always fully updated. This way, we will be better protected against upgrading to Windows 10 without this being endangering our PC by skipping other security updates on our version of Windows.

The small footprint of Never 10 and its portability makes it possible to keep it in any USB thumb drive so you can keep handy whenever you want to install on any PC where you do not want to migrate from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.

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