Dedicated graphics card or integrated, hard disk or SSD: five PC components that you need to know which one is the best for you

Maybe it’s time to renew your computer: find a computer that fits your needs in this new season. Or, on the other hand, you may only want to expand its power or capacity.

What do you need to know about the components of a computer to mount the best PC or get the right parts? Though at first this may be complex, the important parts of a computer that you must assess are not too many. Let’s get to know them better.

The hard drive

hard drive

The hard drive is possibly one of the most important components of a computer: thanks to them you can store data and install the operating systems. There are several types of drives: magnetic hard drives (the most widespread), SSDs (new and fast) and hybrid drives that combine both technologies.

We have talked a lot about hard drives before. We know that external hard drives can be used as backup device or data transport. We have also seen how to change a hard drive in your computer.

The processor


The computer processor is another important part of a PC: it is the “brain” that runs all mathematical instructions to run it. Processors determine to a large extent the power of a computer.

Currently there are two manufacturers that dominate the processor market: Intel and AMD. Intel is the one that dominates the market thanks to its Intel Core family of processors, which includes the names Intel Core i7 (high-end), Intel Core i5 (mid-range) and Intel Core i3 (low range). A processor may be replaced by another, as long as it’s compatible with the socket where it is installed or as long as it’s not soldered to the board (as in most laptops).

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RAM memory


RAM memory is one of the major players in the good performance of a computer: it is a buffer memory between a hard drive and a processor that stores temporarily the running programs at the time, which go from the hard drive to the processor, passing precisely through RAM.

The more RAM a computer has and the faster it is, the less problem it will find when running a large amount of data at high speeds. It is one of the simplest components that can be replaced or increased in size (by adding more units). Currently the most sold are the DDR3 type, but we are beginning to see the newest generation of RAM memories, called DDR4.

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Graphics Card

Graphics Card

Another vital component for the proper functioning of a computer is the graphics card. Without it, we could not see any graphics on the screen. They can come integrated into the processor itself, saving costs and space, but consuming RAM memory and giving a poor performance, or may be dedicated with its own RAM memory, better results and a completely autonomous operation.

Having a good dedicated graphics card is associated, almost exclusively, to mounted computers to play games with the highest capacity. This should not be this way, as a graphics card is responsible for providing power when watching videos, using design or photo and video editing programs, and even when using 3D render graphics applications such as Google Maps. Having a good graphics card is a hit.

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The video connector

video connector

If you use a laptop, it is important to know what type of video connectors you have available for connecting external monitors or TVs and enjoy your content in them. These connectors are directly related to the aforementioned graphics cards.

Normally all computers come with at least one blue VGA connectors which allow to connect the device to a compatible monitor through this port. The interesting thing is to have an HDMI connector, the same used by HDTVs. That way you will have a connector of the highest quality, a lot lower than a VGA in size, and with all the advantages of a digital connection.

The Monitor


Another aspect that may be neglected or overlooked is having a good screen or monitor, whether on a laptop or a desktop. Sometimes screen size is not enough: the resolution is crucial for a good experience.

A screen resolution at least capable of a Full HD quality or, as in Apple laptops, a Retina Display (much higher than Full HD), allows you to appreciate the details with total sharpness, which is important if you are to use design programs or use your computer to view photos and watch videos constantly.

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The quality of materials and peripheral devices

Another highlighted feature when buying a computer, whether desktop or laptop, is taking note of the quality of its external peripherals and final finishes. Materials such as good quality aluminum or plastic provide durability.

Other additives, such as ports and latest generation connectivity (USB 3.0, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi ac, etc) or backlit keyboards, touch trackpads, touch screens or exclusive ports (Thunderbolt, DisplayPort) are extra details that add points in your final decision to purchase a device or another.

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