Asus ROG PG278Q 27″ WQHD 2560×1440 144Hz 1ms Gaming Monitor User Review

The Asus PG278Q definitely is the best monitor that you can get for your money as a gamer.

The facto this has 4 reasons:

-> The resolution 2560×1440 provides 70% more than FHD and is appropriate for the 27”size. But it isn’t as ridicules as 4K resolution that cannot be used for gaming with the current graphics card generation, even in SLI.

-> 120/144HZ. Not only during longer gaming sessions, but also in the daily PC work (Coding, Office, …) the image with 120/144HZ acts subjectively quieter and more pleasant than with 60HZ. Anyone who has savored the added value can’t go back.

-> Brightness + image quality: Completely satisfied. No dead pixels, deeper, richer and–in my view–unadulterated, rich colors. I have to adjust the brightness when using at night since otherwise it is too bright. -> G-Sync: I was sceptical of the feature in the beginning. In fact, this added value is in my view one of the largest technical steps in the monitoring segment in recent years. Jerkiness that sometimes occurred even at high FPS values is no longer perceptible. At low FPS rate you are profiting anyway from it. But I tend to see the difference even with FPS > 60.

In short: In the combination of all these features, the monitor currently is unrivalled. Who can do without some of these features can find cheaper and qualitatively same alternatives in competing products. But who wants to use all these feature together as I do there remains only this choice. For an unfortunately hefty price.

It’s hoped that the price drops a bit when BenQ sends its direct competition monitor on the stage. It has announced it already at least.


After almost 3 months I need to update the review: I just got a “problem” on the entire bottom of the screen. The pixels operate, but if the entire picture is black (or dark color), then I have a 0.5 cm wide white, bright light on the bottom of the screen. Especially when watching BluRay this is suboptimal, since right there are the black bars.

Thanks the author Marvis

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