The Philips BDM4037UW is the largest curved monitor on the market

Although it is true that there are curved televisions with sizes exceeding 65 inches, in the monitors market the most common in the larger models are the 34″. Philips has wanted to go a little further and has announced its BDM4037UW monitor with nothing more and nothing less than 40 inches.

This monitor includes a 4K resolution of 3820 x 2160 pixels and a viewing angle of 178 degrees thanks to its IPS panel. It is capable of representing 85% of the NTSC color range and can divide its viewing area into 4 full HD zones with MultiView technology.

Philips BDM4037UW

Its price will start at 630 Dollars, a fairly reasonable amount considering the market for monitors of this type, although it does not support technologies like HDR.

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