Intel Core i7-6700K can go up to 6.8 GHz with overclocking

Intel introduced their first Skylake processors coinciding with Gamescom 2015 and professional overclockers didn’t miss the chance to test out these developments. And there’s a new record for the platform: Core i7-6700K can achieve 6.8 GHz.

We already saw in the Skylake special how the first models in sale from the top range for desktop computers weren’t exactly a revolution in performance because the results were not too far from their Haswell equivalents and even when it came to graphics they were well below of the few desktop Broadwell that have hit the market and that include an integrated Iris Pro 6200 of higher level.

This does not mean that their performance (especially in CPUs) is not great in any situation for a consumer PC, either single or multi-threaded and especially in CPU. Another of the advantages to jumping to this platform is that it will allow you access to the latest available technologies, DDR4, SATA-Express, USB 3.1, Thunderbolt 3, etc. All at a cost, because then you would have to replace half the equipment: the processor, the fan, the motherboard and the memories.

Another advantage of these Skylake processors is their overclocking capacity as advertised by Intel with the “K” label to indicate that the multiplier is unlocked. The increasing frequency to up to 6.8 GHz for the Core i7-6700K shows its potential, but it will need cooling with liquid nitrogen and same level components such as a MSI Z170A XPower Gaming motherboard and DDR4 memories, which by the way were overclocked till 4.2 GHz.

Not bad considering that the micro’s base frequency is 4 GHz (4.2 GHz with Turbo Boost). The regular consumer will want to know that the Core i7-6700K can go up to 5.2 GHz with air cooling and by keeping active all four cores and eight threads of the processor.

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