Intel Core i3-8130U: here are the specifications of the new notebook CPU

Intel Core i3-8130UAfter the first details emerged a few weeks ago, we now have the definitive technical specifications of the new Core i3-8130U, a low-power processor designed for notebooks and compact mid-range laptops.

According to information leaked on, the features of the Core i3-8310U are not very far from its predecessor Core i7-7310U; the new Intel chip maintains the dual-core approach with Hyper-Threading support (4 logical threads), integrated HD 620 graphics and an LL cache that passes from 3 to 4MB.

Intel Core i3-8130UThe chip’s maximum TDP remains 15W as with the Kaby Lake 7000 series, however with the Kaby Lake-R architecture Intel manages to push this chip at a turbo frequency of 3.4 GHz (i3-7310U stops at 2.7 GHz).

With these technical characteristics, the Core i3-8310U could present a good alternative for mid-range notebooks, further challenging AMD’s offering with Ryzen Mobile U; all that remains is to see the price.

Intel Core i3-8130U

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