How to get the most out of a VPN connection?

The use of VPN connections has a number of advantages that allow us greater privacy when browsing the internet.

In a world where the Internet is essential for a large part of human activities, and where being disconnected is either an eccentric quirk, an age thing or materially impossible, where threats to the security of the network are numerous, growing and continuous and, moreover, where accessing content can depend on the country in which you find yourself, feeling protected and free to explore all the virtual universe is a reassuring and even pleasant experience.


And something that can help us to achieve this is a VPN connection (virtual private network) such as the irreverent Hide My Ass! since with them we can use the web as a private network as it were, i.e. as an extension of a secure local network over a public one without controls. Any computer connected to a VPN sends and receives data hiding your real IP address under any of the shared network, giving the impression that the user is where the VPN servers are, which prevents its location being known and puts a barrier network and all its safety measures up against threats, all this with the corresponding encryption of the information.

For convenience, these connections tend to be employed by academic institutions, banks or Governments to best protect their confidential data; and although it is not a new technology framework at all, it was not until recent years that saw their widespread utilization by individual users. The reasons for this pervasiveness are evident: the great advantages that such type of networks provide to users allowing them to get the most out of their connection, be it a VPN remote access, point to point, tunnel or over LAN.


When we falsify our location the additional security that we supply, whether we are connected at home, in the office or to any WiFi access point, even our ISP has not the most remote idea of where we are navigating or what we are doing. Both connecting and disconnecting the VPN whenever it suits us is very easy once we’ve configured it to work with all the applications that we want to use, contrary to what happens with the regular proxy servers.

A VPN makes it possible for a company team to connect to their own private network from anywhere without fear of intrusion, either because of displacement, because they operate in different branches or work remotely; and a particular user can access the network from home in the same way. In the event of HMA! Pro VPN, the client can browse using servers spread around the world that will change your IP address by way of encryption.

P2P (peer-to-peer) network file-sharing can also benefit, regardless of whether what is exchanged is legitimate or not.

As do those who work to fight Internet censorship suffered in certain countries, as well as those who want to bypass the geographic blocking of content, especially audiovisual, which affects browsers depending on where you connect. The last reason is especially useful these days what with the rise is streaming movies and series, with different catalogues available depending on your location in the world. Meaning that VPN connections such as Hide My Ass!, for this reason as well as the other privacy and protection advantages, are a good tool to have in these times.

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