G.SKILL MX780 RGB, Gaming mouse with good price quality

G.SKIL, the manufacturer we are used to seeing manufacturing PC components, specially RAM memories, has been devoting some time to create peripherals offering the highest quality with medium grade materials at an attractive price. Today we will speak about the MX780RGB mouse, a gaming mouse with 8200 DPIs, it is configurable and meets perfectly all expectations.

Value for money

Despite its simple packaging, the box design attracts your attention. It also allows you to see the content via its front cover, ie, the mouse itself, two weights of 4.5 grams each, two broad sides (For left or right handed) and a height control key for the mouse itself. Also in the box we find some of the features offered by the product.

As for the quality, the MX780 does not have high quality materials. This does not mean they are bad materials but that it’s made with a good quality-price ratio, hard plastic being predominant. We should also mention that its cable is braided. Remember that the price is around 60$.

Ergonomic, modular and chromatic

This model’s design is ergonomic. At first it may look a little strange and it can make you think that it looks somewhat cumbersome, but immediately you’ll notice its comfort and appeal. Buttons are at the right distance for the average hand. However, if we have a very big hand the mouse has adjustable rear, which can be adjusted using the key. Moreover, the sides are also adjustable, allowing us to set a wider side to support your thumb based on our dominant hand. We may also regulate its weight, it can add up to two weights of 4.5 grams.

On the other hand, the visual design is complemented by the LEDs the MX780 RGB has. It lights up when we use it. It also has a range of configurable colors through the configuration application.


Easy and intuitive setup software

The RX780 is a wired mouse. In systems with plug and play it is as easy as plugging it and using it. However, in order to use all the potential of a mouse like this, you will need to install the software that G.Skill offers on its website. This is a very intuitive desktop application where you can configure all mouse buttons, DPIs, LED colors, among other stuff.

Comfortable and functional

Every gaming mouse not only has to be comfortable to play, it also has to offer configuration at users level. G.Skill has thought of them giving this mouse a small configuration memory for multiple profiles. These can save the buttons configuration depending on what we want. Also, we must add that the same software allows macro configuration. Finally, changing DPIs can also be done from the mouse itself by pressing one of its buttons.


G.Skill has focused its RX780 RGB mouse to an audience looking for a gaming mouse and offers a good set of features for gamers. Its design, besides being configurable, is quite attractive and functional for any type of player, so it is a very interesting peripheral. Also the price is not exorbitant, so you should consider this mouse if you are looking for some good quality at a very reasonable price.

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