G.SKILL announces the mechanical gaming keyboard RIPJAWS KM570 MX with Cherry MX

Under the name of RIPJAWS KM570 MX, G.SKILL company launches a mechanical keyboard for gamers with high durability (more than 50 million keystrokes each key) seeking maximum ease of use: no need for specific software or anything like that, just plug and play, its internal memory stores all settings and it is not necessary to install the software on another PC to keep the setting.

gaming keyboard

It offers a customizable backlight system in red with different independent effects for each key and also macro recording function in real time.

The “MX” tagline gives us a clue about the kind of switches used in this keyboard, Cherry MX in various models. We can buy it with Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Brown or Cherry MX Red mechanical switches depending on your personal preferences. Its US price is around 90 dollars.

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