The best free VPN to navigate privately in 2017

Privacy is an aspect that has increased in value when navigating the internet, but it has become harder and harder to get. The users’ data is too valuable for companies and is used in a multitude of network activities. For this reason, Virtual Private Networks or VPN Are gaining ground as they allow us to navigate the web anonymously, if you want to give them a chance in 2017, here we give you a compilation of the best free VPN.

The advantages of VPN are many. To begin with, it adds a layer of security that reinforces our anonymity in front of the different tools that Spy our data or navigation habits on the Internet. Secondly, they allow us to access certain portals that are blocked in our country for whatever reason.

The best free VPN


This is possibly the most famous and used free VPN. although it offers premium options, the free version can be enough, at least for most users. The only restriction it presents is a 500MB of navigation anonymously a month. Performance is good, and the connection is practically unchanged. You can manually choose between one of the 20 countries in which it offers services.


Hotspot Shield Free

This is another famous free VPN. It installs as an independent app, but it also comes with an extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Again, the free version gives us access to a premium one with more features. The included data for navigation is 750MB a day.


This VPN is available for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. Unlike other solutions, this one bets on purchasing traffic to navigate. The free version gives us 200MB to navigate as we wish. For 9.99 USD we can have access 20GB or for 19.99 USD we can have 100GB. This service offers an unlimited version for 29.99 USD although this case, it is an annual payment.


This solution is a bit different for less experienced users. Instead of installing a program, it will install a new network controller. It will be possible to configure it into different modes for better performance when navigating or downloading from P2P networks. This is a totally free option and open coded.

If you are looking for a simple solution is what you need. The free version includes 2GB of monthly traffic and it only has 3 localizations to define the server list: Canada, The Netherlands and Singapore. Its performance is acceptable, but update notifications can result in annoyances.

Are free VPNs trustworthy?

We had tried to shed a little bit of light regarding the trustworthiness of free VPNs. We must take into account that servers cost money and if we are being offered something that incurs a cost freely then payment must be made another way. It is possible that this payment comes from selling the users personal information or showing ads.

The extension Hola is a clear example of how a free tool to navigate anonymously and access services from other planets can have an effect on our privacy. It was discovered in the past that they were selling the users traffic and using it to do business.

If you believe that free VPNs are not for you and want to take a step further towards your security, I recommend you choose a paid version VPN.

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