The way to make Windows 10 Automatically Connect to a VPN when starts

Since Windows 8 it is necessary to set events tasks so the system reconnects VPN connections automatically. It is hassle that besides doesn’t work as good as it should. Today I will show you a free app that will do this function on automatic connections,as much as in starting as in possible crashes, completely anonymously.

This apps is AutoVPNConnect and allows to monitor one of our VPN, so when it has a problem, or when we start the computer, it connects autoamtically. It has a very simple functioning. It’s enough to choose the VPN connection we want to monitor, give it our username and password and the starting options we want.

Every Time the connection crashes, or we restart the system, the app will be responsible to connect us to our VPN. As simple as that, and completely free.

AutoVPNConnect download: official site

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