SanDisk Ultra II SSD Review

A SSD, no matter what on your gaming computer.

SSDs are already fully entrenched in the gaming world and are no longer unknown to the majority. Using flash memory instead of a magnetic disk, reading and writing speed, as well as its access times are much higher than those of the latter. Besides the fall in prices has experienced an acceleration in recent months, so having a major SSD on a gaming computer is a must.

Today we bring you the analysis of the SanDisk Ultra II SSD, a high performance SDD using the SATA 3 protocol and which can reach a reading speed of up to 550 MB/s and 500 MB/s for writing, both figures of sequential writing and reading, although we hope soon to have available units with NVMe protocol, which is the new standard that will replace the current SATA.

This SanDisk Ultra II is available in 2.5 “format, which is the standard for portable hard drives in capacities of 120, 240, 480 and 960 GB. There is also a mSATA version with capacities of 128, 256 and 512 GB, increasingly into disuse in favor of the new M.2 format.

SanDisk Ultra II SSD 480GB, performance tests

The speed ​​tests that we are going to perform are done with the 2.5″ model with 480 GB capacity, which thanks to the huge decline in prices of solid state drives, this capacity range is increasingly accepting more users, who definitely replace their magnetic discs for SSD, not only to install the operating system and essential programs, but also to install games on the SSD, which has made ​​SSDs an indispensable accessory for all gaming computer lovers.

We have used different programs to check both sequential and random writing and reading speed. SSD degradation is also a factor to consider, because used as the main unit, the installation and removal of games is commonplace.

That is why we have also made ​​the SanDisk Ultra II SSD performance test with a full disk, and tested with heavy use for a certain period of time, with several writing cycles. In general, and anticipating the results, the evolution of SSD has allowed minimal loss of performance using our test unit.

Sandisk SSD Benchmarks:


In the different tests carried out we prove the SanDisk Ultra II speed test results are very good, with high values in ​​both sequential and random, and very good access times. The values go down just a little with a full drive, only decreases the sequential writing, and increases the reading access time, but always talking about very good values.

We also have the Board application where we can monitor the status of our SSD, upgrade the firmware, or manage protection and security measures offered.

After analyzing the SanDisk Ultra II, we confirm that we have a SSD drive with a remarkable performance, which together with the interesting market price – you can find the SanDisk Ultra II 480 GB in online stores from 127 dollars-, makes it one of the SSDs with best relation quality / price today.

The Best:
  • Reduced access times
  • Speed
  • Price
The Worst:
  • Reading time with full disk

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