PlayStation VR: How to Solve the Drift Problem

Numerous users have complained that the image inside the PlayStation VR headset moves to one side as time passes. It is a problem that doesn’t seem to affect all users and some even report that it is more pronounced in some software than in others. Now, Sony has addressed this problem and posted an article on their website on how this problem arises and what you can do to combat it.

Solving the PSVR Drift Problem

  1. If you have plugged a USB cable into your controller you should remove it so the controller can be tracked accurately
  2. Reduce your distance from the TV to 1,5m – 2m
  3. Mount the camera in a place where no vibrations (caused by speakers for example) occur
  4. Adjust the camera so that your head is right in the center of the image


If all these conditions have been met, you shouldn’t have any more drift issues while playing. Since we haven’t encountered this problem yet, we would really appreciate if you could tell us whether or not these measures have helped you solve the problem.

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