Overclocking record of a Core i7-6700K is set at 7007.85 MHz

The new CPUs Skylake are easier to raise frequencies thanks to some changes introduced by Intel in the CPU architecture. It is what it takes to upload all Skylake CPUs and not just those that are specifically for overclocking. Therefore, now getting the best frequencies of a CPU depends very much on the motherboard.

Asus is proud that its Maximus VIII Gene and Maximus Extreme VIII have managed to break several world records for overclocking. That means that the new maximum frequency achieved is 7007.85 MHz. This figure was achieved thanks to cooling the CPU to -190 ° C. The previous record was around 6998.88 MHz.

Together with this velocity, several records of computation have been broken, so Asus is very happy to know it. But the top speed is not usually the most stable for processing, which in this case to get the highest score it has been between 6700 and 6840 MHz for each individual test.

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