MSI updates their gaming laptop with the latest Kaby Lake processors and GTX 1050 graphics cards

MSI is keeping up the good work in its gaming laptop sector by updating its various models with the latest developments announced at CES 2017. This means that we can expect the arrival of models with the newest Kaby Lake processors and the GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti mobile graphics cards. These new models also bring something more than CPU and GPU performance to the table.

MSI gaming laptop

There is a new line aimed mostly at gamers, the GE72MVR, GE62MVR, GE72VR, GE62VR, GE72 and GE62 series as well as the GP and GL series (I had the opportunity of trying out one of these units, the GE72 7RE Apache Pro). In the classification of processors, Kaby Lake is a step up from the competition with a 10% increase in performance compared to previous versions. What is even more interesting are the new graphics cards: the GTX 1050 and the GTX 1050 Ti which come with 2 and 4 GB of VRAM.

Within their price-range, these cards will replace the GTX 970M and the 965M. For the moment, the GTX 960M and 950M will remain as the graphics cards in gaming laptops retailing for less than 900 or 1000 dollars– depending on the configuration. The increase in performance provided by these cards is substantial, and does not come with an increase in cost. There are also important improvements in the domain of virtual reality thanks to the Pascal architecture which will provide vast improvements in performance when compared to older generations of games.

The other novelty is the Dragon Center program which MSI uses as a nerve center in its gaming laptops, facilitating the transfer of data to the GPU. This offers an extra boost in performance to the graphics cards – even to the GTX 1050. The level of possible GPU overclocking depends on the cooling system of each given model, but in general the cooling system has been improved across the whole range of MSI’s gaming laptops.

The new GT83VR model, the most powerful equipment in the MSI line, includes Cherry MX Speed Silver mechanisms in its SteelSeries keyboard. They are mechanisms with tactile sensors but without the sound of other Cherry MX switches, plus it has illumination with RGB lights that are personable through the company’s software.

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