LG shows its new range of monitors and professional displays with WebOS 2.0

LG has shown its strategy for the professional B2B (Business to Business) market in the field of Digital Signage, consisting of different types of monitors with different technologies, aimed at facilitating tasks of advertising, information, exhibition or customer interaction.

LG monitor

For example, the LG 75UH5C D-LED is a professional D-LED screen with a resolution of 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) and bezels of only 14.9 mm on all edges (top, sides and bottom). However, the most striking thing about this model is that it has integrated the WebOS 2.0 operating system, something we will see in most monitors of this type shown, which coupled with WiFi connectivity and support for HTML5 , will serve as an information or advertising panel, for example, without having to connect a PC. There are also 86 and 98-inch models.

LG monitor

Another striking model is a professional ultra-wide monitor with 86 inches in diagonal, with an unprecedented aspect ratio of 58:9. To give some context, conventional monitors are usually 16:9, and ultra-wide consumer models go up to 21:9. With an aspect ratio of 58:9 it is possible to create an advertising and information space without attaching multiple screens.

They have also shown a video wall made up of 4 55-inch screens, with an ultra-thin 0.9 mm frame and a brightness of 700 cd/m², double what they offer on most domestic monitors. Like the 75UH5C, this model includes its own SoC with WebOS 2.0.

For interactive environments, LG also offers no less than 85-inch touchscreens with Ultra HD resolution and detection of 10 touch points at the same time. As the models discussed earlier, these also incorporate WebOS 2.0 and HTML5 native web application support and can be controlled via WiFi from PCs, smartphones or tablets.

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