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Everybody wants to learn how to hack Facebook, but in Google, the only thing you will find are fake websites that are going to make you lose money and cheat users with fake programs. From ULITE.ORG we are going to teach you how to do it and how you can protect yourself from hackers, without cheat, without pay, and without scams. Here you can find information about the most used technique and the one you must have more attention if you don’t want to be hacked. Besides, remember that doing it is illegal and non-ethic and the most common scenario is that the same person that tries to steal and an account in Facebook ends up hacked. Be alert with the websites you find when searching in Google about hacking Facebook. Almost every results are going to ask for your telephone number, your credit card’s information, fill surveys, etc. Don’t be a victim of this kind of cheats and learn in our web before being hacked trying to hack a Facebook account.

The tutorial step by step to go in-depth in the ethic world of hacking (remember that we do not agree with hacking because it’s illegal) is in the end, but we recommend you to read the article entirely. Do a hacking process takes time, and all the websites that claim to extract the passwords through some clicks and waiting are no that less than scams. Be careful and don’t let them steal your money, there aren’t software to hack Facebook with one click, don’t fall into this trap!

From that time when the first application on the internet started to come out, the first hackers arose to seek for vulnerabilities and take advantage of its flaws in the online systems. The main mission of them are the biggest websites with huge traffic because that is a personal challenge when it comes to hacking due the fact that represents the penetration in the security of a company is a feat worthy of mention. Normally, they use free hosting, and free domains to do their hacks and don’t be discovered because unless they are lammers, they tend to protect themselves using browsers as Thor, or VPN, hiding their IP and doing all their crimes anonymously

Facebook’s Vulnerabilities

Generally, Facebook is a platform quite good programmed, but an exception is that it fails in security aspects. Facebook ‘the social media’ is quite vulnerable to hacker’s attacks, is relatively easy invading the privacy of its users.

Throughout every year from its born, many vulnerabilities have been discovered for hackers. Many of them have used them for evil purposes and even to make some profits from those vulnerabilities. The easiness with which hackers obtained private information to steal or delete Facebook profiles has created a black market of software that are sold to a not-specialized public. With this kind of black market, virtually anyone can hack a Facebook accounts, without the experience or knowledge in the field, even a child can do it.

However, we are not going to center in a moral debate about stealing our private information in the virtual world. We are going to explore the history of Facebook and its large repertory of bugs and vulnerabilities that have had the Zuckerberg’s social media to create a perfect image of how vulnerable the platform is. We have to say that some of these techniques or exploits are still alive on these days, whereby we can give information that helps indirectly our readers, we are not responsible for the indirect consequences by reading this article.

The Most Controversial Cases

Regardless the seriousness of the vulnerabilities in Facebook, if it’s more probable to steal more or less information, there are cases that are remarkable. In 2013, a programmer found how to hack Facebook to modify the profile of any person and allowed him to post content chosen by him. It was informed in the first moment to the Facebook’s engineers about the vulnerability, but they didn’t listen to that warning and the programmer was forced to write something in the profile of Mark Zuckerberg achieving to have his attention.

The hacker modified the wall of Mark Zuckerberg and wrote: “sorry for breaking your privacy and post to your wall.”

The Most Serious Vulnerabilities

In January 2013, a powerful and really serious vulnerability was discovered, allowing anyone to reset the password for any user without knowing their previous password. Hackers who found it had built a Facebook website that was reachable by anyone, in which you could introduce the username of any account and reestablish the password without authorization.

In any moment you could take an account that wasn’t yours. Given its extreme nature, Facebook’s support team found to fix the bug in a really short period of time, providing the security of the accounts. Once more, Facebook was owned and barely won at the end.

Recent Bugs:

We are an informative website and we don’t support the persons who want to hack Facebook.

The new and innovative features which Facebook implanted in 2015, related to its new utilities that allow synchronizing photos in mobile devices (we have and extended tutorial to hack a smartphone or tablet) a new bug was found in the system that allows to avoiding the privacy of the picture.

The bug was related to the creation of private albums of photographs that only we and our friends (in the case you had chosen to share with friends) had access to view. Apparently it was possible to cause a failure via an online exploit which allowed another device, either a mobile device or a Windows program built specifically for this purpose, allowed hackers access to images that were initially private.

It was related to the creation of private photography albums in which only we and our friends (in the case of choose it) had access to view them. Apparently, a new bug was detected by using an exploit online, which allowed that with another device (both a smartphone or a Windows’s software built specifically to do that) get to obtain the pictures that were private.

The vulnerability was related with the ‘access token’ and it could be avoided by supplanting the identity of the application doing the request. It affected the smartphones’ applications, which made worst the situation due most of the photos on our days are taken and shared with smartphones.

Phishing in Facebook

Phishing is nothing new and has been present on Internet almost since the appearance of the first website. It is illegal and the penalty is prison, that is to say, hacking is a very serious crime that can send you to jail because the laws in the various English-speaking countries are very strict about it.

The phishing is not something new, is present on the internet almost from the beginning of the internet. It’s illegal and the penalty are jail, it’s an offense that can take you to the jail because the English speaking countries have really strict laws about it.

For beginners that don’t know what phishing means, I will say that it consists supplanting the look of a website to make it look real and make people introduce their private information and consequently steal their information by hackers. An innocent user is easy to cheat if we have in our hands the same design as the original website and a similar domain name. This way we can get the information by cheating innocent people who think that are on the official website. For example, login credentials of many websites or even more severe, banking and credit card data


The social media are still a perfect spotlight to do phishing due the ease to duplicate the web’s design. This is 50% of the phishing process, the another 50% is done by a technique called ‘man in the middle’ in which the hacker achieve to catch all the traffic you send or write as if the hacker was among you and the website that you want to communicate. This kind of hacking can be done without social engineer only if it’s done from local networks like those found in offices, cybercafes, WiFi networks if they are not encrypted. If you want to do it through the internet you must use Social engineering. Not be afraid, at the end of this article we show up a practical case of how to hack Facebook fully detailed.

Free Black Hat Hacking Accounts


This technique is very dangerous because it promotes high-profile things like striking iPhones to direct people to phishing pages that are logged into and give your private data to the hacker looking to hack thousands of accounts.

Although the word does not mean what we will write about next, we have used the example name of “black hat” to distinguish it from “white hat” hacking. In this type of hacking, we are not satisfied with information discreetly and without the victim realizing and instead we directly destroy thereby producing a clear prejudice in the user that has been hacked.

In early 2015, Facebook took note of a vulnerability that was being exploited by hackers. Basically it was that the attackers could suppress any picture of a user. This malicious deletion was a headache for the company, especially since they could not discern the origin of the hack and therefore could not modify any code. It was thanks to the intervention of a hacker “white hat” who discovered the bug and how to fix it.

The error consisted of an exploit that allowed someone to become a developer with a certificate in your possession, from there simply by modifying a small piece of code allowed you to delete any picture that you wanted.

The same hacker, “white hat”, informed Facebook where the vulnerability was located. The company quickly remedied the bug and, in a clear show of good will (since he did it for free), offered him more than $10,000 as a reward for his gracious help.

How to access Facebook with Backtrack

We will tell you what Backtrack is and why you should know it in order to avoid scares about your Facebook account, since it is one of the most commonly used tools to hack FB. Hackers use this software to create websites clones, and, with a little cunning, get victims fall into their trap and leave their data.

Backtrack is actually a Linux distribution developed for network security audits. Interestingly, hackers have managed to turn it around and use it to infiltrate systems because the tools that possess are very powerful and allow you to detect any holes in the security of a webpage.

It has at its disposal sniffers, port scanners, exploits, website cloning systems, and countless more features. Since this is not a tutorial on hacking, we will not explain how to perform the commands to hack Facebook in detail. Instead we will simply provide guidelines on how unethical hackers do it.

The truth is that it is so simple that it can scam more than one person. To begin, hackers first clone Facebook’s website.

And thus with the clone website prepared, once the malicious hacker has entered his IP (used as a server) all that is left to do is to send the IP to their victim to have them enter their data. Remember that the goal is to learn how to avoid being hacked. The victim will think that they are logging into Facebook when it is really a clone being hosted on your computer that is extracting the information being entered.

Once the victim has entered their data, Backtrack automatically captures it and the hacker can see the information in the window. The best part of it all is that the victim will not suspect anything because they simply enter their data and are redirected to the real Facebook website, all the while believing that it was not a technique that hackers often use: a fake phishing account or scam.

Are there hackers in the Hispanic environment and what are Lammers?

Within our environment (the Latin and Spanish) hackers are on the daily agenda. With appropriate measures, anyone can learn to hack a Facebook account without knowing how to program, and this is very dangerous. Here is where the famous “lammers” come into play. A lammer is an attempt to hack (usually very noob) that acquires the very basics of malicious hacking looking almost always to access personal information, passwords, or social networking profiles like Facebook accounts. Their main goal is always to do evil and they have a bad reputation within the community of ethical hacking.

The lammers in Spain and especially in Latin America, where the laws are not as strict or active, are abundant and often the primarily responsibility for the hacking of accounts that belong to Hispanics. You should bear in mind that if your account has been hacked, chances are that it has made ​​been done by a lammer and not a professional hacker, whether it is ethical or not. The best thing to do is to check out our article to recover a stolen or hacked account in case you have been a victim.

If these techniques seem very long, advanced, or scary, this is only the beginning. Hackers use all kinds of techniques to easily hack Facebook in 2016, and they are super simple techniques, updated, and it will come in handy because you will be able to see and protect yourself from such attacks.

Black Hat Free Hackings in Accounts.

This technique is quite dangerous because it promotes striking things like raffles to win an iPhone to redirect people to phishing websites, in which they signup and give their information to the hacker who is going to hack thousands of accounts.

Although the word doesn’t mean what we are going to write then, we have named it ‘black hat’ to differentiate it from the ‘white hat’ hacking. In this kind of hacking, we are not satisfied with getting the information of the victim, we destroy the victim as well, producing a clear damage to the hacked user.

In the beginning of 2015, Facebook realized the vulnerability that was been used by hackers. Basically, it consisted in attackers suppressing any user’s picture. This malicious ‘supress’ was a problem for the company, in which the first moment didn’t know its source and thus it couldn’t modify any code. Was thanks to the intervention of a hacker ‘white hat’ who found the bug and the way to solve it.

The error consisted in an exploit which allows you to be a developer with a certificate in your hand, from there you could modify a short piece of code, allowing you to delete any picture you wished. The same ‘white hat’ hacker informed to Facebook where the vulnerability was. Quickly the company fixed the bug and in a clear way to reward him, the company gave him more than 10.000$ for his help.

How they Access to Facebook with Backtrack.

We are going to tell you what Backtrack it is and why you must learn it, to avoid inconvenience on your Facebook account because is one of the most used tools to hack Facebook. The hackers use this software to create duplicate websites and with a little bit of cunning, achieve to make fall the victims in the trap and make them leave their information.

Backtrack is, in reality, a distribution of Linux, developed for security audits in networks. Curiously, hackers have achieved to turn it back, and use it to get into the systems because the tools that it has are powerful by allowing the detection of any ‘hole’ in the website’s security.

It has a sniffers disposition, scanners ports, exploits, duplicate webs system and plenty more. It’s not about a tutorial about hacking, we are not going to explain it in detail, a command to command as if were realizing a hacking in Facebook, we are just going to give you guidelines of how do the non-ethic hackers do it.

The truth is that it’s quite simple and it can scare lots of people. To start, firstly the hackers duplicate the Facebook’s website.

That way and with duplicated web prepared, once the malicious hacker has put his IP (it’s used as a server) the only thing that is missing is to send the IP to the victim to take his information. Remember that the mission is to learn to not being hacked. The victim will believe that he is login in Facebook, when in reality is on a duplicated web, hosted on our computer, in which the hacker is stealing the victim’s information.

Once the victim has introduced his information, Backtrack will automatically catch them, and the hacker could see the window. The best part is that the victim won’t see anything suspicious because the victim will only enter the information of his user and the hacker will redirect him to the authentic Facebook website, making him believe that nothing has happened.

In the Hispanic environment exists the hacks? What are the Lammers?

In our environment (Latin-American and Spanish) hackers are ready to the action. With the right tools, anyone can learn to hack a Facebook account without even know how to code, and this is quite dangerous. In this area come the ‘lammers’. A lammer is a beginner hacker, which gets basic concepts and definitions about malicious hackings, always with the intention of stealing information and accessing to other’s accounts. The main goal of a lammer is done bad actions and lammers are really hated by the ethic hackers’ community.

Lammers in Spain and more in Latin-American, where laws are not as strict or active, the lammers are like roaches, they are everywhere and the main responsibles of the hackings of Hispanic people. You have to bear this in mind, if you have been hacked, the most probable scenario is that a lammer did it, not a professional hacker, ethic or not. The best you can do is check our article to recover a hacked account o stealth if you have been a victim of any of both cases.

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