How to Easily Hack a Facebook Account in 2023

Today you are going to read something that hardly anyone(due to its simplicity) wants to share. It is about the easier and faster technique that the hackers use in order to capture the control/password of your Facebook account. Remember that this is information: we will teach you whatever hackers do so that you can avoid it from happening to you, but under any concept use the following techniques for even trying to hack someone because it’s not ethical and it is illegal. The main goal of this is that everyone knows the dangers of being hacked and can defend themselves.

The world of the cyberspace and of the computer programs is divided into two big groups. The first one is made up of neophyte users that dedicate themselves to use easy to handle online tools to get relaxed and have some fun on the internet. In this group fall the 99% of the people, individuals without computer knowledge that don’t know how systems work and only focus on the final experience, as it is their mission and purpose.

On the other hand, we have the remaining 1% that conforms the second group, a group of experts characterized by having the necessary knowledge to approach the functioning and development of programs and websites that we use. Software used to steal accounts such as backtrack Linux, even running on windows or also easy techniques as the one we are seeing today.

In its beginnings in the Net if you wanted to access and violate the security of any system you had to belong to the exclusive elite group of a small number of hackers, who were nothing but advanced users with advanced knowledge about the network’s functioning. Their intricate processes and functions were no secret to them and managed to solve satisfactorily passwords illegally accessing to any web.

Nowadays all of this has changed and the hacking has been globalized and has been led the masses easily and simply.

Program for easily hacking accounts

The dream of any snoop in the privacy of individuals is a program that achieves breaking the security of a website in order to gather information about their secret lives. Imagine thousands of confidential data corresponding to millions of people all around the world. Secrets locked away to which an unscrupulous hacker may access in a trice.

Everyone at least once in life has wondered if there is a technique or an easy-to-use program for hacking a Facebook, and for free, and it is possible that it exists. We are going to answer that question and we will not beat about the bush. There is no a single program that in just 1 click will tell you the password that you are requiring. There has not been nor ever will exist in the future and if there is someone offering this to you, definitely is lying to you. Google is full of websites and services that promise to do it. they all are lies, scams or frauds. This is the typical answer from people who wants to trick you in order to sell any software at an extortionate price.or even worse , wants to steal your password. Do not believe anything coming from him/her, this subject is just a “smoke seller”. In this life, nothing is easy and even less to get this kind of information. See an example of these miraculous programs:

They will not give you a password however they will ask for your cell phone number. They will just leave you out of credits. A little program as the given above is mere window-dressing, you can have it done in Visual basic in just minutes.

Having said that , we are not going to scare anyone and to say that Facebook is not a safe website,no, in fact, it has implemented sufficient security to prevent those things from happening. However, our biggest fear may be exploded in order to get the opposite of what we have expected.

It is to say, they can convince us to take any action that we thought that was for improving our security but in contrast, can vulnerate our account. That is our biggest enemy that alongside the curiosity killed the cat according to the popular sayings.

The most effective technique is social engineering

To be clear , the most commonly used technique by the unethical hackers is to encourage to steal and hack Facebook accounts , despite the redundancy. There is no better trick than hunting the hunter into believing that performing an action will get access to a Facebook account which is not if his property. These techniques are implemented by using social engineering that is nothing but manipulating people in order to obtain information. More or less you get these people to give you their data against their will but without realizing it: How does the hacker work?

Step 1:The hacker makes the plan of attack

I remember some years ago a sophisticated technique of the social engineering to get Hotmail account passwords. It was sophisticated but certainly so easy to use it since it did not require any kind of previous informatic knowledge. At the beginning, the hacker creates a credible scenario for the others. He has to get known by the others as an expert in informatic security or web audits. The more elaborated the plan, the better.

Step 2: The Hacker Exposes his/her services in forums

Normally the mean hacker exposes his/her services in many websites and forums (especially about hacking)to make it credible. Something like this:

Hi, I am a computer programmer and worked for large companies doing security audits … blah blah

I am aware exploit 0 day bugs unknown to most and have the ability to exploit … blah blah

I can find out the password of any user of Facebook with a success rate of 67% … blah blah

I offer my services for $ 20 . If in any case, I can not figure out the password I will return the money back to you … blah blah

As you see , the hacker found a way to create a credible fictional character for the most part of the people who just do not know what is going on (99% of the visitors). Once all this is done all that remains for the hacker is to wait for visitors to send a MP or an email to him in order to request his/her services.


Step 3: The hacker Starts to hunt malicious that want to hack accounts

When this occurs the hacker usually replies the SMS with the following text or something similar.

Hello xxx xxx xxx ,

Thank you for requesting my services. To find the password that you request you have to fill in the following information which I put below. Once you do I will send the exploit and will obtain the credentials :

This is where the hacker delicately includes code fields that say ” enter your username and password ” that will be the scam itself. And Suddenly the victim, who wanted to hack the account of a third party, will have been hacked.

Well, this is the average behavior for hackers, they send you a false message. It is quite clear that many of the users who know about programming should also know that the message is a complete “no doubt-fake message”, but for those who are lack of expertise in the matter, they can be scammed with ease through this method.

How can I protect my Facebook account?

Certainly, nobody enjoys being hacked. Nevertheless, the majority of Facebook users consider the security level of their log-in data of no importance at all. As users, we must know that protecting our profile is essential, so, in order to get a good security level, we must consider the following factors.

1.- Your Password is your Main Protection, choose it wisely. Many fof those facebook hacks are actually being made by “amateurs”. An action as simple as just guessing and trying out different variants can grant them easy access to your facebook password. Knowing this fact, we must protect ourselves by choosing a password: A) Complex Enough (using Capital letters and lowercase letters mixed with special characters like *, # , and the like) B) Which can not be related to any personal data of our private life. Passwords like [NAME + BIRTHDATE] are completely useless, a lovely peace of cake for eventual hackers.

2.- Your password must be one completely different and unique for each one of your social networks. Shall we use the exact same password for each and every project in our life, including our social networks and so on… then, the slightest mistake will be lethal. Just imagine that your Facebook password gets finally uncovered, and this one happens to be the exact same password of your credit card, now you see why each password should be entirely different, don’t you?

3.- Changing each password periodically is a must! To give you an example, it is recommended that every 6 months you take some hours to change each and every one of your passwords. Avoid rotating them among your social networks, as well as fixing a pattern that relates them among each other. Now, you may be thinking: “oh man, this is a ‘Chinese’ job! …is all of this really necessary?”, well, the next advice will be very helpful to you at this particular point:

4.- Use a software to help you manage your different passwords. There are many apps that have been specifically designed to manage the user’s different passwords. There are some like “LastPass” which are really interesting, and do not compromise your information at any stage.

5.- Always use (whenever possible) The double verification feature. Applications such as Facebook, twitter, and some other ones alike, allow you to put a check mark on an option that verifies your identity a second time. By means of this security feature, besides entering your log-in data, a notification code will be sent to your cell-phone, it is only after completing this final procedure that you will be granted access to your account.

Conclusions of the method for the present year 2016

So, it really is this thrillingly simple. This is the most amateur of all the tutorials, uncovering the easiest and fastest of all the techniques use by these famous “lamers” , these are persons who do not know much about hacking really, but go browsing just to learn how to hack properly. Unfortunately, this technique is completely functional in the present year 2016, for hacking a Facebook account by using social engineering, and in general, by knowing how to scam people.

This is not an ethic technique, and it surely is one that completely lacks of morals, but the truth is, the top security online companies use it to find out how secure the social networks, like Facebook, really are. In this way, these companies can sell to those social platforms newer security packages, by stating that they have violated their defense systems, when all they did was tricking the staff with a simple trick.

Furthermore, you ought to remember the aim of this article is mainly informative, and the core objective of our site is getting people to understand and be familiar on how simple and easy it is to lose an account, just by making any, or, the slightest mistake. So, remember you never trust anybody, and never ever put your passwords into unreliable places or sites. Not to mention browsing into forums with the purpose of getting into contact with a hacker, because if you do so, then, all this we’ve just been talking about may finally happen to you.

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