How to ANONYMOUSLY Watch and Download Instagram Stories?

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks worldwide. Instagram stories are for some people the most important part of Instagram. On the other hand, it’s a bit annoying that you can’t see those stories after 24 hours after posting, right?

But, now there is a possibility to download Instagram stories to your mobile phone or any other device or just watch them without the publisher’s knowledge.

You might think that Instagram story download is a tricky process, but all together it does not require either skill or a time. All you need to do in order to save Instagram story is follow these few steps that we will minutely explain.

1) Search for the Instagram account username and copy it

Firstly, once you see an Instagram story that you want to download and keep on your mobile phone, you need to check if that profile is public. The only way to save Instagram stories is when the chosen account is public. Copy or write down wanted account username but make sure that is spelled as on Instagram.

2) Type and hit enter

Once you copy the username, open a browser from your mobile and in address bar type the website Shortly after, the home page will load and you can move to the next step.

3) Paste the earlier copied account username

If you have written down the full username of a wanted account, or copied it to a clipboard, what you need to do now is paste it into search box. It’s highly important that you enter the username accurately and precisely as it is on Instagram.

4) Use the ‘’Download Instagram Stories’’ button

Once you wrote the username of an Instagram account into search box, you will see a “Download Instagram Stories” button beneath this search box. Hit it once and wait for a few moments.

5) Hit the “Download” button underneath each image story or “Download” button that is located in the right-bottom corner of each video story

The final step before you download Ig stories is the easiest one. After a few moments, a website will show you all the stories that chosen account has posted on Instagram in the last 24 hours. All the stories have a separate option for download. Beneath every photo story, there is a download option. Hit it and wait until the browser saves it to a chosen location on your mobile phone.

For a video or so-called boomerang stories, you will find a download button in the bottom right corner of every video story. After clicking it, the video story will start downloading onto your mobile phone and depending on your internet connection and the size of the video your download will take a certain amount of time. These stories are short, so the downloading should not last long.

These simple steps won’t take much time and you will be able to enjoy Instagram stories even after they disappear since they will be saved on your mobile phone or any device for as long as you want to keep them.

Using weinstag you can also download Instagram photos and videos, all in HD on any device in no time.

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