Best Gaming Monitor under 200 dollars 2018

Having a good gaming monitor to compliment the hardware in your PC is an essential addition to any serious gamer. The difference a quality monitor can make is huge, and can greatly improve a user’s experience. Unfortunately, quality comes with a price tag and affording a high spec monitor isn’t always the easiest on your wallet or purse.

Anyone who has built their own PC for gaming purposes will know that you spend most of your hard earned cash on a graphics card. For a good GPU, you’d be looking to spend $250+ and that would be for one of the bottom end models. There’s no getting away from that price tag, but for those of us on a tight budget, there are options for quality Monitors below the $200 mark. Spending below that mark can be a perfect way to get the most out of your current GPU and improve your visual experience.

Monitors for under $200 do require a level of expectation, however. You’re going to get what you pay for with most PC hardware and unfortunately, the more you spend the better you get. But that should dissuade you from not breaking the bank, as there are plenty of options at good prices out there. For all the monitors in this article, all you need to know is the input type you can support and your budget. Once you’ve settled on your price point, the world of 1080p and more is at your fingertips.

4K is the future, but that resolution comes at a cost. Just below is the list of affordable monitors that any budget can accommodate. We’ve also included some of the specifications so you can get a better picture of what’s on offer. For those of you not looking to break the bank, these are the perfect option for you.

For those of you lucky enough to be abler to spend over that $200 mark, we’ve handpicked three Monitors we think are worth spending that little bit extra, to get a whole lot more.




When it came to console gaming too, BenQ did not fail to deliver like it did for PC gaming. They introduced the Zowie RL series targeting the console gamers specifically. HD TVs are available in plenty to play console games, but they do lack some features which the RL2755 delivers in perfection.

Talking about the design, the RL2755 features anti-glare bezels which can get rid of unwanted glare that would ruin your gaming experience. It comes with a foldable headphone holder, audio connectors, headphone jack and also an in built speaker.

It comes with a 1920*1080P resolution and a refresh rate of 60 Hz. The downside regarding the screen is that the RL2755 uses a TN panel instead of an IPS panel which affects colour accuracy. But the response is fast compared to that of an IPS display, thus compensating for the colour accuracy. Though the monitor is a 27 inch Full HD LED screen, it can be scaled down to 17 inch which is a cool feature for the BenQ Zowie RL2755.

Where the Zowie RL2755 fails in terms of color and contrast, it stands out with amazing performance. A 1 millisecond of response time ensures that input lag, blurriness or ghosting do not occur when gaming with this monitor. The eQualizer technology provides detail to dark and dim lit areas which is helpful especially to know where your enemies are hiding. Options to change the power consumption, display colour and display mode are also available.

The zero flicker technology helps reduce strain for your eyes thus preventing headaches during prolonged hours of gameplay. To decrease the emission of blue light which is harmful, a low blue light filter is also provided.


If you are a console gamer and do not mind compromising for commendable performance with a TN panel and less colour accuracy, then the RL2755 is worth the shillings that you spend on it!

2, ACER XF240H



For those of you who are looking for a 24 inch gaming monitor which offers a fluid and dynamic gameplay, Acer has something big to offer! A 144Hz gaming monitor with AMD FreeSync technology which basically lets the monitor sync with the frames per second that your graphics processing unit renders out. Acer has been aiming at tear free gaming experiences with their XF series, and it is clearly evident that they have been successful.

The monitor offers a 1920*1080 Full HD display with a TN panel. The only good aspect about TN panels is that they have a response time of 1ms but is a major let down when it comes to colour reproduction and viewing angles. The monitor comes with an HDMI port, DVI connector and a Display port for the AMD FreeSync. The brightness of the monitor is 350 cd/m2 and the display supports 16.7 million colours.

The Flicker less and Acer Eye protect tech helps reduce the stress on our eyes even after prolonged hours of gameplay. The blue light filter, another eye protection add on helps reduce damage caused by blue light.

The XF240H comes with an ergonomic stand which can tilt from -5 to 35 degree and also rotate to a limit of up to 90 degrees.


For a buttery smooth performance well within a decent budget, the Acer XF240H is the ideal gaming monitor that a gamer should look out for. Apart from the TN display panel, it has every solid feature expected within this price range. For gamers thinking outside the 60Hz league, this 144Hz monitor can take your gaming experience to the next level. With the XF240H, Acer has provided an ultimate solid performer!




The quest for catching up with the giants of tech has long been a mission for BenQ. Though they were not quite impressive in the other peripheral categories, they did strike an impact in one of the leading tech segments. Bringing out the Zowie, the gaming monitor series which does not differentiate between PC and console games.

Talking in terms of design, the outer frame is a modest matte plastic covering which is lightweight. The RXL2411 comes with a sturdy base, nothing quite spectacular. The orientation options are good with the choice of rotating, swivelling, tilting or elevating it. The display port is swapped with a Dual DVI port. A D-Sub and an HDMI are included which makes it compatible with almost all motherboards and graphic cards. AN audio output jack is also included at the side of the monitor.

The display is an impressive 1920*1080 running at a frequency of 144Hz. The response time of the RXL2411 is also pretty neat with a timing of 1ms. A support for 16.7 million colours per subpixel is another feature of this monitor. A motion blur cancelling AMA feature too is available, which entirely depends on whether you want to use it or not. AN anti-flicker technology is included along with the monitor but sadly it failed to impress when the brightness was set to low. If you are a nocturnal gamer who loves to game in the darkness with reduced brightness, well, this could give you a headache. In full lighting condition, you wouldn’t notice any difference.

A key feature which the BenQ Zowie RXL2411 stands out for would be the Black eQualizer technology. The darker part of images, especially when playing in multiplayer matches can be quite a headache as you would be unable to track enemy movements or see them hiding. This feature increases the contrast and visibility so that you can have a hassle free and satisfying experience when gunning it down with your friends.


In the entry level gaming monitor niche, the XL2411 does stand out quite well. With great image quality and features like the Black eQualizer, this monitor is totally worth the cash you put in. An FHD monitor which stands totally for the tag it upholds which is the gaming genre, the Zowie XL2411 is worth your consideration!




When it comes to curved gaming monitors, it does give a special touch to the gameplay. They make the gaming experience immersive as well as bring a touch of reality to it. From a brand lesser known, we review the GN24C, the 24 inch bezel-less curved performer from Viotek.

In terms of technicality as well as gaming requirements, Viotek does create a sense of reliability through its GN24C. It comes with a resolution of 1920 * 1080 Full HD display. The refresh rate is 144 Hz which helps you maximise your gaming needs. The response time is not the best in class but still a solid 4ms. The radius of curvature is 1800R. The panel type is VA and the monitor comes with an Anti-glare coating.

For connectivity, the GN24C does offer options such as DisplayPort, HDMI port and a dual link DVI port. The image quality and colours are what GN24C stands out for. This PC monitor has a 1000000:1 DCR and 16.7 Million colours which produce vivid colours.

It supports AMD FreeSync which gives a fluid gameplay experience to all the titles. The blue light filter helps reduce eye strain after prolonged usage.

An interesting add on for the GNC24 is the VESA ready feature which enables it to be mounted on any 75*75 VESA mount.

The GN24C also offers presets for FPS and RTS games which are already calibrated. What bothered the most was the fact that the inbuilt speakers were just mediocre performance and also the height is not very adjustable.


The Viotek GNC24 did impress with its vivid colours and solid performance. Not to forget, its curved display with Bezel-less screen sure is a crowd puller when the price range is considered. With the inclusion of new feature such as the VESA ready and performing well above expectations, the GNC24 is here to stay!

5, ASUS VG245H



Entry level monitors are usually limited in their features, but the Asus VG245H begs to differ. With an amazing 1080P display and neat ergonomics along with AMD FreeSync support, this 24 inch monitor is definitely a bang for the bucks.

The design is neat and offers great practicality and aesthetics. The real show stealer would be the adjustability. This monitor can be raised or lowered up to 5 inches, tilt it 5 degrees backwards or 33 degrees forward. You can even swivel it by 90 degrees to left or right.

Behind the right side of the display, there is a wide range of physical buttons tailored to your needs. Some dedicated buttons for switching your monitor’s display mode and also enabling gaming features are also present. Talking about ports, Asus has kept two HDMI ports, a VGA port, headphone jack and audio in ports.

The refresh rate is a decent 75 Hz which can impress people jumping from the 60 Hz category. The resolution of 1920*1080 did strike an impact and the colour reproduction was nice. No display lag was experienced when playing different titles. The Ultrasaturated RTS mode and the scenery mode did make the gaming experience quite an immersive one.

The speakers always failed to impress in the case of gaming monitors. But surprisingly, the inbuilt 2 watts speaker of VG245H gave a commendable performance. The speakers were not booming with sound effects but were enough for an average gamer’s needs.

The blue light tech helped reduce eye strain for the hardcore gamers prone to hours of gameplay per day. AMD Freesync did help in smooth gameplay performance and tear free display too.  Getting the FreeSync technology at such a price is definitely an added credibility for the Asus VG245H. Also


At the sub 200$ gaming monitors niche, this one is one hell of a solid performer. Considering the price point, this is one is a must but for any gamer who is tight on budget. Offering features you would normally find only on mid-range monitors, the VG245H is here to rule the budget category for some time now!

6, BENQ GL2760H



A big screen budget laptop worth its segment, the BENQ GL2760H is definitely a neat package. Boasting a 27-inch display with a response time of 2ms and TN panel, the GL2760H is one of the best among the ordinary. Now, why do we say ordinary? Let’s find out!

With a dynamic ratio of 12M:1, impressive colour temperature and accuracy, the GL2760H does compliment gaming and watching movies to a good extent. It does not have any lag and ghosting in visuals but it lets us down a bit in terms of viewing angles mostly owing to that TN panel it comprises of. The viewing angles are not even close when compared with the IPS screens out there. The monitor also comes with a refresh rate of 60Hz and a resolution of 1920*1080.

An amazing feature which does make the GL2760H a must want among long hour users is the anti-eye strain technology. BENQ does not make use of the traditional PWM technique for controlling brightness which is primarily responsible for eye fatigue. The backlit flicker free technology is also a boon for users looking for a solid monitor at this price point.

In terms of aesthetics too, the GL2760H did not fail to deliver by looking like a premium monitor instead of the cheap look that one may expect in the price segment. D-Sub, VGA, HDMI and DVI connections are included along with an audio line-out jack and two USB 2.0 ports. The Sense-eye 3 Visual solution and the Eco Mode are other add-ons to the monitor features.


If you are a hardcore gamer, well, this monitor may not be the ideal one you are looking for. It does impress regular office users and casual gamers solely because of delivering quite a punch in the budget range of monitors. Being able to view for prolonged hours without eye strain is worth mentioning again. No outstanding configurations, no kickass features but definitely not a nonsense, the BENQ GL2760H is a decent buy among the battle of “budgets”!

7, BENQ GW2760HL



Being a mix of modern sleekness and minimalist lifestyle, the BENQ GW12760HL is a worthy add on to any work space or household. The display configurations are basic with a 27-inch monitor at a 1920*1080 screen resolution.  The refresh rate is 60 Hz and it also has a screen aspect ratio of 16:9.

The colour reproduction is high with 16.7 M colour display. The FHD display with a response time of 4ms is ideal for casual gaming but for serious hardcore gamers, you guys will be well off looking for a typical gaming monitor.

The contrast ratio does exceed our expectations as it has an ultra-high native contrast of 3000:1. The best part about this is that the colour depths get even better and darkened complex images are well defined. The viewing angles are also pretty neat and all the typical connections such as an HDMI port and built-in speakers are available with the BENQ GW2760HL.

As usual BENQ’s Eye –strain technology is the crowd puller here, allowing users to work for prolonged hours without causing eye fatigue. The slim bezel design is sleek and eye catching with a glossy framework and curvaceous base stand that does add essence to your room.


The BENQ GW2760HL is an ideal laptop for casual gaming and serious office works in this price segment. It does have some solid features to grab the attention of normal users but nothing extra ordinary or mind blowing. A neat and solid performer with decent aesthetics is what describes the GW2760HL best. If you are tight on your budget and are looking for a monitor with amazing colour reproduction and good overall performance, then this might well be the one for you.

8, Acer GN246HL


Acer GN246HL

The Acer GN246HL is a 1080p full HD display gaming monitor with 3D functionalities. The screen size is 24 inch with a resolution of 1920*1080 screen display. It comes with a 16.7 Million colour support and has an LED backlit LCD panel.

Coming to the design, the GN246HL is comparatively thinner that most of its counterparts in the budget gaming niche. It also comes with a wall mount feature if you like the placement of your monitor to be elsewhere rather than on the mainstream computer table. It has a screen ratio of 16:9 which makes watching movies and playing games an enjoyable experience.

All the basic connectivity options can be found with this monitor such as the HDMI port, VGA and DVI-D port. The DisplayPort port is lacking in this one which is a drawback considering the needs of a gamer. But to cope with it, the Dual Link DVI can provide you with 144 Hz refresh rate. The response time is a rapid 1ms which aims at providing high quality moving images in games.

AN audio-out jack comes along with the monitor. The in-built speakers were missing, so you might want to get yourself new speakers for the audio experience.

Regarding performance aspects, this monitor did give a solid performance when it came to gaming. The viewing angles though not great were pretty decent. All in all, at an affordable rate this monitor sure does show justice to the gaming monitor segment.


Considering the price, this monitor is a really good deal. Of course, you cannot expect top class features from a budget gaming monitor, but for what it’s worth, the GN246HL does justice. Apart from the in-built speakers and flexibility, this monitor is worth the try.

9, AOC G2460PF



A 24 inch budget gaming monitor which does not strike a killer first impression? Well, judging by looks is not going to help anyways. The AOC G2460PF has a much more story to tell than its price. It comes with a refresh rate of 144 Hz and also AMD Free-Sync technology. The 1980*1080 screen resolution with a TN panel also strikes an impact for the users.

The built is solid but the only problem being the clip on plastic tidy. AOC could have done something about that but it’s acceptable considering the manoeuvring capabilities of this monitor.  It comes with a wide range of ports such as HDMI, VGA, DVI-D, DisplayPort and also you get a 4 port USB2 hub which is quite rare among budget monitors. Microphone and headphone jacks are also included separately with this.

The colour accuracy is great but the contrast could have been a tad bit better. Switching to sRGB option gave high end colour reproduction and gaming with the 144Hz refresh rate is an absolutely thrilling experience, provided, your graphics card can render out the game smoothly.

The AMD FreeSync lets you play lag free games even if your card cannot juice up the game to your expectations. FreeSync helps stabilize frame rates even when there are frame drops in the game.

Practically a killer in the price segment, yet the G2460PF has some shortcomings. The in-built menu is not that great and the 2W speakers provided along are poor in terms of gaming.


In the 24 inch gaming monitor category, the AOC G2460PF is a killer deal considering the value for money. With great colour reproduction and fluid gaming performance, you get almost all your gaming requirements satisfied. With that being said, this gaming monitor can be considered as one of the best in this range and you are bound to have no regrets whatsoever!

10, Benq RL2460

Benq RL2460

The Benq RL2460 may only have a refresh rate of 60Hz, but it still offers and excellent picture quality with a very fast response time and a 1080p resolution. Coming in at the standard 24 inches, this matte finished monitor is slim and offers some great features, which are marketed at RTS and FPS games.

Despite having no USB ports the Benq RL2460 still has your HDMI and DVI inputs., but it also includes built-in speakers. For those of you that don’t tend to play with headphones, these speakers are decent quality for a monitor at this price point. If you do use headphones, the Benq RL2460 has your standard audio line input.

This monitor is designed for RTS and FPS games specifically, and if you can look past the 60Hz refresh rate you can get a lot of extra features for your money. With a rapid response time of only 1ms, the Benq RL2460 beats a lot of other IPS monitors on the market with that time.

The Benq RL2460 is still an affordable option and with the unique Black eQualizer technology inside, it’s easy to see what it’s made its way onto our list.

11, ASUS VG245H


The ASUS VG245H is a 24-inch monitor and it’s a fast one, with a 1ms response time. It allows you to instantly react to the images from the screen, especially in fast-action games, allowing you to drive cars with the skills of a pro driver or to be victorious in the most demanding duels. The VG245H model is equipped with the ASUS GamePlus feature that offers dedicated features for a better gaming experience. You can choose between four patterns of overlayed targets and optimize their position, ensuring an excellent level of accuracy in your favourite games.

Having a refresh rate of up to 75 Hz, the VG245H model will have no problems displaying fast moving images. It’s equipped with the AMD FreeSync technology, giving you extraordinary visual images and very cursive games without any delays.

The ASUS Ultra-Low Blue Light technology reduces the blue light emissions which are harmful for the eyes. You can easily access and select one of the four different settings for filters directly on the screen, via OSD menu or the DisplayWidget interface, depending on the specific usage scenario.

It also has Instant Input Technology for lag-free experience along with two low input lag HDMI ports, so you can enjoy super smooth visuals. With two HDMI slots you can connect your game console and another HDMI device at the same time. This monitor has a smart cable management design feature which is found on the stand of the monitor, helping you to organize and hide cables, keeping your gaming area clear.

ASUS VG245H is specially designed for long marathon gaming sessions. It’s designed to allow you to adjust the tilt, swivel, pivot and height of the monitor so you can set it for your ideal viewing position.

In the End:

Each of the monitors we’ve listed offers something a little different. Some have higher refresh rates than others and some have extra features that add a little something more. Whatever you’re looking to find your next monitor, you’re likely to find it in one of our featured reviews. With all of these monitors being affordable, the question you have to ask yourself is ‘why wait till Christmas?” If you’re looking for a new monitor to improve your visual experience, look no further.

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