Asus transformer 3 aims against Samsung and Huawei in windows 10 tablets.

Transformer 3 is a similar equipment to Transformer Pro 3, but with differences that make it s more economic and not so “premium” as is attempted with the Pro model. It uses the most traditional format of a tablet with windows 10 and less of a hybrid, but maintains elements such as a magnetic connected keyboard that turns it into a laptop.

This tablet has a metallic design and 6.9mm thickness, with a weight of 695 grams. It lacks of a kickstand and hinge that keeps in a vision angle while writing. For this function it has a case and a keyboard sold aside by Asus. Actually, this tablet is more similar to the Samsung Galaxy TabPro than to any other model of its competitors.

Asus transformer 3

The 12,6 inches screen reaches a 2.880×1920 pixels resolution. It has a USB-Connection with Thunderbolt 3 that allows to connect more accessories with a bandwidth up to 40 Gbps.

It has one of those small details that are always welcome: 4 speakers, one for each corner of the tablet, that allows to enhance the audio experience in movies and series.

Despite its size and thickness, an Intel Core i7 edition will be launched, with up to 512 GB in RAM memory. The USB-C connector with Thunderbolt 3, allows it to connect more accessories with an adapter that adds USB 3.3, HDMI, VGA, 1GB Ethernet and other extra USB-X 3.1 connector.

Asus transformer 3

One of the most importants aspects in this kind of Windows 10 tablets is the battery, that according to ASUS, lasts “ a whole day”. Opposite to Transformer Pro 3, this Transformer 3 includes a frontal fingerprint reader to access to Windows with Windows Hello, that also uses the front camera to recognise the face associated to the account. The frontal camera is 5MP, but the back one is 13MP, more than enough to take pictures in all type of activities, even though tablets are usually forgotten.

With ASUS transformer 3, the taiwanese company has its competitor against Samsung Galaxy TabPRo S or Huawei Matebook. The exit price will be of 799$ in the simpler version, that we can predict will be similar to one with a setting with i5 Core processor , 6 or 8 GB RAM memory y 128GB SSD.

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