AMD launches new GPU for integrated systems

AMD has unveiled its new products in the field of GPUs for the professional market of integrated systems. These systems are used in a large number of devices and machines, many of which we use day to day and others that are for more specific tasks. GPU acceleration, both in terms of graphics as well for calculation, has its applications in advertising systems, industrial machinery control, communications infrastructure, equipment and medical machinery, as well as in entertainment applications, such as electronic gaming systems or video panels for events.

AMD integrated systems

AMD’s proposal for these markets comes with a new range of GPUs in different formats. On one hand we have models in PCI Express card format for these compatible systems with these standard cards. There will be full-size models and low profile ones for compact systems. For even more compact solutions there will be MXM PCIe cards, both of Type B with a maximum of 100 W and 105 x 82 mm in dimensions, as well as Type A with 82 x 70 mm and a lower TDP of 50 W.

AMD integrated systems

For more specific integrated card systems, there will also be MCM (Multi-Chip Module) format cards formed by the GPU and memory chips in the same PCB.

The E6465 will arrive in PCIe format, and the MXM A and MCM cards with 192 GFLOPS of power in single precision and 4 display support, thanks to its integrated 2 CUs with 2 GB of memory and a TDP of 20W.


The E8950 will only arrive in MXM type B format, with 3 TFLOPS of power and support for 4K video thanks to its 32 CPUs and 8 GB of memory, all with a TDP of 95W.

AMD E8950

Finally, the E8870 will be available in MXM Type B format or a full size PCIe card. In this case it supports up to 6 displays and has 12 CUs, 4GB of memory and 75W TDP to provide 1,5TFLOPS of power in single precision.

AMD E8870

AMD E8870

Each model covers a market segment in terms of where power and performance are concerned. These three models will fill up the space left by the existing models, so that companies can purchase the models that are best fit in price and performance to their needs, from aerospace control systems to advertising systems.

AMD E8870

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