Acer updates its Predator family with new computers

Acer announced the update of its Predator family with many new devices, such as a new 17inch laptop with a 4K screen resolution, a MXM module of the GeForce GTX980, a new full Gaming PC that only takes up 16 liters in volume, or a new curved monitor Compatible with G-Sync from NVIDIA.

Let’s start talking about the Acer Predator 17X, the new 17inch laptop with a 4K screen resolution (Ultra HD). It is a high performance, game-oriented device that works with an Intel Core processor i7-6820HK, factory overclocked to 4GHz (base speed of 3.6 Ghz).There’s also a GTX 980 (desktop, not the portable version),also overclocked to 1310 MHz and that can be exchanged for another in the future, as it is implemented in a MXM module.

Of course, these high end components need advanced cooling, and therefore Acer has integrated a new system that works with three fans combined into a steam chamber (vapor chamber) system. In addition, the Predator 17X incorporates all the latest technologies, such as NVMe SSD in RAID0 PCI-Express storage, and you can add several additional hard drives. The bad part, of course, is the price, as it starts from 2,799 dollars in its most basic configuration. It will hit stores in July.


On the other hand, Acer has also shown its new desktop, the Predator G1, a full integrated system in a single 16 liters box with an overwhelming power. Without going further, you can add up to a GeForce Titan-X, Skylake processors and up to 64 GB of DDR4 RAM, SSDs with PCI-Express, and the new USB 3.1 Type-C. It will also available from July and its price depends on the hardware configuration chosen.

Last but not least, Acer has also announced the launch of the Predator Z1, a new curved monitor which will be available in 31.5, 30 and 27 inch sizes. This is a series of curved monitors with an ultra-widescreen aspect ratio of 21:9, and a resolution of 2560 x 1080 pixels that stands out for having the G-Sync module for NVIDIA graphics. Although the panel is IPS, it has a response time of only 4 ms GtG, so they are obviously intended for Gaming.

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