What’s Virus Cleaner?

These days, a virus cleaner is one of those tools that you can not do without, mainly because the probability that your computers or phones are infected with a virus is very high, especially if you are one those users who do not take any precautions when surfing the Internet or connect pendrives or cards without checking them first.

While virus cleaners and antivirus are applications that should always be installed on your computer to protect it from any threat that may arise, the truth is that many users only install a virus cleaner or antivirus when they suspect that their PC is already infected with malware.


Of course this attitude is not totally reprehensible, since as you know, having an antivirus installed makes the system slower sometimes. Whichever the user’s stance may be, in this article we will teach you how to install and use a virus cleaner, among other useful information to keep your computer safe.

What is a virus cleaner for?

A virus cleaner, is an antivirus program that allows you to eliminate malware, viruses and any other external threats that could arise from connecting to Internet sites with viruses or connecting a pen drive, disk or memory card infected with malware. That is why antivirus are also included in this classification.


It is worth noting that there are virus cleaners developed to combat specific virus types, but unable to do anything if the infection is caused by some other malware.

That is why to be completely sure to clean the system and leave nothing dangerous, it is always best to install a good recognized and updated antivirus.

The best virus cleaner

Before in this article we mentioned that the installation of a virus cleaner slows down the system, however, there are alternatives with which you will not have this problem. The first, and the safest bet you can find is Microsoft Windows Defender, the Windows antivirus program.

This antivirus program has been integrated into Windows for some versions now, however it can be installed and give the possibility to defend against viruses to Windows versions as old as XP, so you will get the maximum security even in operating systems that have been already retired.

We consider Windows Defender the best virus cleaner mainly due to the security it provides and the few system resources it uses, which makes it tremendously convenient for older computers or heavy tasks.

Download a virus cleaner

Now, if the idea of installing the antivirus from Microsoft does not convince us, you can always choose to download a virus cleaner from another developer, among which you can choose between Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, Bitdefender Antivirus and many others, all very capable and safe, but also much heavier and more intrusive.


Install a virus cleaner

Basically, installing a virus cleaner is a simple task, just like installing any other type of program. All you have to do is download the installer, run it by double clicking and follow the instructions of the installation wizard to the letter.

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