What is the best antivirus for Windows 7?

Windows 7 is still the most widely used operating system in the world, and it is expected to hold that position at least another year. However, as the news tend to give account of what is new, perhaps it is often left aside. Well then, today on Softzone we’ll make an exception and talk about what is the best antivirus available for Windows 7.

Windows 7 was launched on 2009, so it is currently in its seventh year of life. And the truth is it’s still in very good health, showing that, until proven otherwise, Windows 7 is still the best operating system in history.

However, even the best operating system in history needs protection and for that reason the security institute AV-Test has decided to make a test with the best antivirus in the market to score them and see which are the best for Windows 7.

The results are, frankly, not surprising. The top three are Bitdefender Internet Security, Kaspersky Internet Security and Trend Micro Internet Security, with 6 out of 6 points in each of the three sections of the test. These are protection, performance, and usability.

Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows 7

Remember that Windows 7 was not released with an integrated protection system, so AV-Test decided to analyze Microsoft Security Essentials, Microsoft’s protection system for this operating system. And truth be told it came out a little badly, standing far behind the vast majority of competitors. In fact, it got 14 points out of 18 and in protection only 3.5 out of 6, being the last in this section, surpassed only by Comodo’s 3 points.

Just behind the big three is Avira, losing half a point in protection, and another half point in performance and Symantec only losing in performance, getting a 5 out of 6.

Perhaps most surprising from the study is the position of Panda Security, which was only able to reach 14 points, just like Microsoft Security Essentials, because its performance was lousy, scoring just 3.5 out of 6. In fact, it is the worst score of all tested antivirus, so the Spanish company should wake up and offer a better service to the users of an operative system that still has a lot of influence.

Which antivirus do you guys think is the best? Which one do you use?

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