The new Seagate 10TB helium-filled hard drive is designed for network services

Seagate owns HGST, a company that has been putting on the market in recent years various models of helium-filled hard drives to reduce friction between heads and platters to improve their speed. Seagate now claims part of that technology to make their first helium-filled hard drive with a capacity of 10TB.


This 3.5-inch drive includes seven platters and fourteen heads, which have a 25% higher storage density than the company’s previous disks. It uses a common technique of perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) instead of the overlapping magnetic recording (SMR) used by its subsidiary HGST.

It operates at 7,200 RPM, but have not indicated the disk speed. Still, these disks have no problem exceeding 200 MB/s with a speed of at least 4 or 5 MB/s in reading 4KB files (which is not bad for a hard disk), partly thanks to the use of helium to reduce friction, which can have a reduction in consumption as a side effect.

Both factors are important to the business environment, and specifically the cloud- and internet-based services, because fast drives are needed, which consume as little as possible, but above all that they have high density. Thus Seagate offers increased capacity per rack up to 2,400 TB from 1,920 TB. Currently, companies like Huawei and Alibaba are using this technology.

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