The New Pascal-based Nvidia Titan X and Quadro GPUs

Nvidia, a leading graphics card manufacturer, has recently announced new GPUs based on its next-generation Pascal architecture. The Nvidia Titan X is a step above the 1080 GTX, while the new Nvidia Quadro is suited to the professional sector.

The Nvidia Titan X – New flagship

The new Nvidia Titan X promises benefits that are 50% greater than the 1080 GTX.

According to Nvidia, the Titan X is able to offer performance up to 50% higher than the company’s previous flagship, the 1080 GTX, which was already the most powerful GPU at the time. While the latter only boasted with 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM memory with a 256-bit bus, the Nvidia Titan X has 12 GB and a 384-bit bus, with a consumption of 250 W – just 70W superior to GTX 1080 and just as much as the old GTX Titan X.

The Titan X will be available from August at around $1,200, double the price of the GTX 1080. More info and details about the Titan X can be found on Nvidia’s website.

Nvidia Quadro – professional GPU’s

Meanwhile, the new Nvidia Quadro P6000 and P5000 represent the entrance of Pascal architecture in the company’s range of professional graphics cards, and are especially powerful for Virtual Reality applications.

Nvidia Titan X and Quadro GPUs

At the head of the range, the Nvidia Quadro P6000 has no less than 3,840 cores that are capable of operating in parallel and are also programmable via CUDA, which allows it to reach a whopping 12 TFLOPS in regards to processing capacity in the 32-bit floating point. The total memory that it can manage rises to 24 GB of GDDR5X. At the moment, the price of these new cards is unknown, although it will surely be related to the standard of its performance.

Nvidia Titan X and Quadro GPUs

More info and details can be found on Nvidia’s website.

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