The best antiviruses of 2017 for Windows 10 according to AV-TEST

Even though Windows Defender keeps improving its preinstalled antivirus protection on Windows 10 PCs, other ‘complementary’ software are certainly key to keep your PC’s security at a maximum. Therefore, freeing us from malware threats, evidently, although in some cases it would mean sacrificing our PC’s performance ever so slightly. AV-TEST has analyzed several antivirus software for Windows 10 and they have come up with a ranking showing the best ones of 2017.

This ranking is for the first half of the year as they will publish a new one by the end of the year. Here are the best antiviruses of 2017 for Windows 10 tested under fixed criteria, as usual. Three essential aspects are taken into account, such as: the level of protection that the antivirus provides against malware threats, the CPU load caused by resource usage, and usability. It means that AV-TEST will give us a scale of 0 to 6 points on how easy it is to use the antivirus and the usefulness of its tools.

The best antiviruses for Windows 10

Kaspersky Lab’s Internet Security 17.0 is one of the few software that got the highest score in each and every category tested. Avira’s Antivirus Pro 15.0 is another anti-malware software that also got the same score, which is the best score given by AV-TEST. However, AV-TEST also puts a special label on software offering maximum protection even if they were not rated highly on usability or CPU load. Therefore, Bitdefender’s Internet Security 21.0, Norton Security 22.9 and Trend Micro’s Internet Security 11.0 and 11.1 are highlighted along the two software already mentioned.

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