Synchronize the folders others share with you in your Onedrive

This is one of the most desired and expected features in Onedrive and it’s finally available. We’ll show you how easy it is to add a shared folder to your file directory. Once there you can find it in the list of folder synchronizations in Windows 7, Windows 10, or in the more traditional navigation interface of Windows 8.1.

We have focused on Windows 10, but this should work on any operating system in which you can install an Onedrive synchronization client, as the modifications are made at the account level.

The first thing you need to have is a shared folder on another account or with a contact. Open the Onedrive web interface and go to shared items. Then from those files they have shared with you, select one that you’d like to use or multiple files too, and press the right mouse button. Now in this context menu there’s a new option that appears, called “Add to my Onedrive”.

The folder will remain in you main list of folders, you can’t choose nesting within any existing folder. You can reverse this without losing data so it doesn’t consume space on your account, just space from the other account that shared the item or folder with you.

The result is interesting since you can now share your storage capacity with others more directly, and the best, you can arrange for these shared folders to be synchronized with the other elements, directly from your computer. It’s all win-win here.

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