Nvidia GeForce 940M is 10% faster than GeForce 840M

Today we meet the Nvidia GeForce 940M with detail, a graphic card that comes to replace the GeForce 840M and that will be the default top-of-the-range card to those who wish play on their laptops.

GeForce 940M uses the GPU GM108M (N165-GT-S), which we know counts with 384 CUDA Cores, 8 ROPs and 32 TMUs at a base/turbo frequency of 1072/1176 MHz united to 2GB of DDR3 memory @ 2000 MHz with a bus of 64 bits. In spite of its humble specs, it’s close to 10 per cent faster than its predecessor.

According to tests, the GeForce 940M will enable us to play FIFA 14 at 175 FPS, Metro Last Light at 30 FPS on medium quality or Tomb Raider at 36 FPS under the same settings. Although, of course, at a 1366 x 768 pixels resolution, which indicates that it’ll arrive in low-price laptops of said resolution. At Full HD, its performance is expected to plummet.

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