Norton Security 2016 User Review

I’ve used Norton Internet Security for 2 years and was quite satisifed. Norton Security replaces the previous applications Norton Antivirus and Norton 360 so that all features are included in one application. I’ve been using antivirus applications for many years. I already had Norton Antivirus in the 90s although back then the program slowed down my PC significantly. That’s why I used other applications in between. Avira, Comodo, Kaspersky, and McAfee  for example, I can’t even remember the names of some of them. I had the premium versions of Kaspersky and Avira but all in all wasn’t really satisfied. Avira lasted the longest (3 years) until the software stopped working and even a new installation couldn’t protect my PC properly. After that I tested the free version of Comodo but wasn’t all that pleased because the application was very intrusive but didn’t offer 100% protection.

Because of all of that I switched back to Norton Internet Security 2 years ago after some positive reviews in Magazines and from customers persuaded me. And indeed: After my first scan with Nortion Internet Security the software found 3 until then not found comprimised files which the application removed or even repaired. These weren’t some dangerous virus that would have made my PC useless but it did make a good first impression and showed that a switch of software was indeed necceary.

It is no different with the current Version of Norton Security. The installation was dead easy. Download the software, install, enter product key and done.

The good news: There was no reduction of performance. At least not with my devices which relaxes me a bit ;o).

It’s actually the opposite: As soon as the PC isn’t used for a short period of time, the software scans all areas completly. This ensures that the PC is checked daily (!) and is kept clean. The same goes for updates, which keep the software up-to-date with regular updates.

Something that also convinced me is something that I read in a few forums: No Virus or other hostile software kann change the settings of Nortion Anti Virus!

In addition the software has only positives for me:

  • i.e. in the search engine results it shows which sites are safe and which aren’t.
  • Additionally the software blocks possible viruses immediatly if one clicks on a infected site. Pop-ups can be very cunning in that regard.
  • For Outlook users there is even a special spam filter installed which checks incoming mails and sends them into the spam folder.
  • In the browser is a Norton Security bar installed which indicates how safe the current website is and which can be used as a search engine.
  • In the browser there is also a password safe which stores all passwords securly.
  • It even scans social networks like Facebook or even it’s own website for possible threats.
  • Norton Insight, for example, checks all systems and software files on trustworthiness.
  • The start manager shows if certain applications take up to much performance and mangages the further launching of these applications.
  • There are optional settings which the user can set on his own. This way you can deactivate the taskbar in the browser without any hassle.
  • But the biggest advantage is that the base settings offer great comfort and security which allows me to practicly do nothing because the software does everything for me.
  • Display of performance reducing software.

With this 5 device version you can not only secure 5 PCs butalso tablets, smartphones or laptops. People who have i.e. one PC, one laptop, one tablet and two smartphones can get complete security for all these devices.

Conclusion: Even with Norton Security I get a warning every now and then that an attack was blocked but each scan doesn’t show a thing. For testing purposes I sometimes install trial software as long as nothing blocks eachother (some software doesn’t even allow that) and even then there was nothing found. Due to this I can recommend Norton Securit to everyone.

The Author: Jone. Thanks.

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