Microsoft publishes Mac’s Office 2016 Trial

Microsoft has published a trial version of Office 2016 for Mac. A version that can be downloaded for free and that will get updates until the final release, expected to come out on the second semester of 2015 according to Microsoft’s announcement. Office16’s trial for Mac is the “classic” version of the office suite, locally installable and intended for computers with keyboard and mouse.

It is specially designed for computers running OS X Operative System,optimized for high resolution Retina displays and highly connected to cloud storage services, such as Enterprise OneDrive and SharePoint.

It includesthe Word text processor, Excel’s spreadsheet app, PowerPoint presentations, OneNote notes tool and Outlook’s email client.

Office 2016’s Mac trial is available for download in a dozen different languages. As we can see, Microsoft won’t give up on the classicsuite version, even though its betting for cloud with Office 365,

Office Online and also Office for Windows 10 –optimized version for touch screens and the first software created under the “universal app” concept. Of course, a Windows’s Office 2016 version is expected. Remember this is just a trial version and not right for productive environments.

Direct Download Office 2016’s trial for Mac


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