Intel Xeon D, Broadwell arrives to the servers

The Intel Broadwell architecture keeps extending within the catalogue of Intel products. After the Core M and Core U, the company keeps integrating this architecture in low consumption chips and now it’s the turn of its application to the servers.

The new Xeon D are fabricated with 14 nanometers and, at least initially, they’ll arrive under two models of 4 and 8 cores in integrated SoC format, that means, they’ll be directly welded onto server plates, so those of you who were waiting for the first Broadwell processor with a CPU socket will have to wait.

The XEON D-1520 will have 4 cores at 2,2 GHz and 2,6 GHz with turbo, while the XEON D-1540 increases to 8 cores at 2 GHz and 2,6 GHz with turbo. The TDP of both chips is of 45 W, so they’re somewhat away from the 20 W of the Atom C2750 also with 8 cores. Although Intel assures that its performance will be 3,4 times superior and its energy efficiency will increase by 70%.

They support both DDR3L at 1,35v and DDR4 at 1,2v, with a maximum of 128 GB with RDIMM or 64 in SO-DIMM. It also integrates two Ethernet 10 GbE controllers within the chip itself, so the necessity to acquire network cards with this bandwidth is eliminated.

Intel Xeon D

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