How to Use an Xbox One controller in Windows, Linux and OS X

The Xbox One is undoubtedly one of the best you can find on the market, but for fear of lack of support and the price, many users prefer to continue using the Xbox 360.

Fortunately, this fear is unfounded, so this pad does not stop being a good choice if you seek a new joystick or you want to renew the one that you already have, because as we anticipated, you will be able to use it without problems in Windows, Linux and OS X, something that we will discuss in this article.


It is really easy to use the Xbox One in Windows 7 or higher, since Microsoft has released specific drivers for this version and Windows 8.1, while on Windows 10 the drivers come preinstalled by default, so everything is plug and play.

To make sure that the controller works properly, you must unbind them from the console, which can do by turning off both the console and the controller.

Download drivers.


For those who use Apple’s OS it is necessary to use an unofficial driver developed by FranticRain, as it will allow you to enjoy it without resorting to complex settings and with full warranty.

This driver is free and it works really good, so it is the best solution that we could find, even if the system identifies it as an Xbox 360 controller, which certainly is not a problem since they have the same button distribution.

Download driver for OS X.


Luckily it includes native support for the controller from 3.17 kernel onwards, so if your distro runs under said kernel you just have to plug and play and start enjoying it.

We remind you that SteamOS also supports the Xbox One smoothly.

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