How to get rid of Malware and Spyware

If you notice an abnormal slowdown of your PC, or your system acts in a strange way when you surf the web, opening endless pop-ups on every click, even on Google, perhaps your computer is affected by Malware or Spyware.

These, at times, especially malware, are harmless and simply redirect you to advertising pages (Adware), but it could happen that you actually run into software capable of stealing your sensitive information and dramatically slow down your PC.

Well, if you have even the doubt of being infected, maybe it is time to do something about it.

ComboFix is a free tool available for Windows that can fully analyze your PC in search of such infections, eliminating them and returning the system to normal.

Compatible OSs are: Windows XP / Vista / 7 32 and 64 bit.

If your OS is not supported, we recommend ADW cleaner, which we will cover later.

We would like to inform you that this is program is as powerful as it dangerous and could cause damage and instability if not used properly. QWERTYmag assumes no liability for misuse and for any damage caused to your computer.

Combofix is available to download on the official page and requires no installation. It is actually a program that once downloaded will allow you to run it without further littering the system.

When the download is done, be sure to disable all antivirus and firewall protections that you have active and close all programs. Failure to close the antivirus could cause instability in the program and consequently cause crashes or incorrect reports.

NOTE: For greater efficiency is recommended to run it in Windows Safe Mode.

After starting the software it will create a system restore point in case something goes wrong and will verify that you have disabled any antivirus software, launching a warning message if you had forgotten something. If everything is ok will start its run in search of threats.

After about fifty stages the program will cancel the Malware and, when the operation is over, restart your computer generating a report on the work done, and deleted files.

When you then turn the PC back on, wait for the report generation to finish and reactivate all your security systems.

Well, now re-open your browser and you will notice that all the problems have vanished as if by magic.

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