How to create a restoration point in Windows 10

The restoration tool in Windows 10 has become a great ally for those who like adventure and want to be the first to try everything, and therefore they don’t hesitate to install unofficial builds and participate in the fast ring channel.

Many of these users are usually advanced and generally know what they do, but since Windows 10 has reached enormous popularity and the huge number of testers is also characterized by variety, we thought it would be interesting to post this short tutorial, in which you will see how to create restoration points in Windows 10.

1. Press the Windows key + S and get to “System Restore.”

2. Select “Create a restore point”.

3. Look at the “Protection Settings” section, if you have protection enabled, go to point seven.

4. Choose “System Unit” and “Configure”.

5. Activate “System Protection”.

6. Go through the Disk Space Use, where is convenient to assign a value from 5 GB to 10GB, as it will allow you to keep more system restore points.

7. Select the drive and click on “Create”.

8. Put a description that will allow you to seamlessly identify the restore point.

9. Wait and close.

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