How to Convert a DVD Audio to MP3 (2017 edition)

Convert a DVD Audio to MP3Usually, a DVD is meant to be watched using a DVD player. However, sometimes we may have had the need to convert this format to another one to be able to play it on another device. For example, imagine that we bought a concert on DVD to watch it on TV, but we want to be able to take this concert with us on our smartphone or listen to it in the car, which does not have a DVD player. This is why it is necessary to convert the audio tracks of our DVD to MP3, which is what we are going to teach you now.

On the web, there are a lot of apps and tools to extract a DVD audio and save it in another format, like MP3. Unfortunately, most of the apps that worked a few years ago, and that were the recommended ones, no longer work. They either cannot be found on the web or have not been updated to be run on the latest Windows versions.

Therefore, in this article we are going to recommend a tool that still works nowadays, in 2017, perfectly serving its purpose: DVD Audio Extractor.

How to convert a DVD to MP3 with DVD Audio Extractor

To use this app, the first thing to do is to download it through its webpage. This is a paid app, although we can download a free trial that we can fully use for 30 days.

Once we install it on our PC, we just run it and we will see a window like the one below.

Convert a DVD Audio to MP3If we already have the DVD into our PC, this app will automatically recognize it and grab its content. As we can see below, the program will easily recognize every audio track and every chapter, so we will not have to do anything else in this sense.

We can fill the information for the ‘Artist’, ‘Album’, and so on if we want to, then we have to select the track, the title and the chapter that we are going to extract.

We click Next on the assistant and we will have to choose the output format in the next step. If we want to convert the audio to MP3, we just have to choose it, but if we want a different one, we can choose any of the available formats.


We have to choose the quality that we want. In the next step, we have to choose the output location where the MP3 will be saved on.

Convert a DVD Audio to MP3Once we click Next on the assistant, we will be in the last step. Here we just have to click ‘Start’ and the ripping of the DVD to MP3 will begin.

Now we just simply have to wait for the process to end.

Convert a DVD Audio to MP3

Once it is done, we can go to the program’s output location to find the DVD converted to MP3.

In most cases, the tracks will lack names because they probably have names like Chapter-x inside the DVD. In that case, we can use the tool MP3Tag if we want to download the songs’ metadata and covers according to their album.

Have you ever had to extract audio files from a DVD? Do you know any other program that does it?

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