How to clean your computer from Spyware and Malware

Many modern security suites incorporate basic protection against non-viral threats such as rootkits and spyware. But the specialized solutions are still a better option to fight them. Whatever your case is, learn how to use this antimalware and antispyware tools.

1. Download the tools

Probably you already know about the Spybot: Search and Destroy Tool since it has been recommended to remove adware from your PC for years now.

Go to their website and click on the link at the bottom of the page.

Select a download server and then just click on the download button.

Another popular option is Malware Anti-Malware, which has a free version. You just need to click on the download button. The installer will be downloaded automatically to your Downloads folder.  (Read More: Best Antivirus)

2. Install the Programs

Once it has been downloaded, run the installer and check all the verification boxes.

In the additional tasks, deactivate this options: “Use Internet Explorer protection” and “Use system settings protection”.

Then click Install and let the files download and get copied. When it’s done, leave the “Run SpybotSD.exe” box marked and then click Finish.

3. Prepare the program

Confirm the warning regarding the advertising programs with a simple click on Accept, and then on the Assistant create a security copy of the Windows registry by clicking on Create a security copy of the registry.

If Spybot removes any important options by mistake (highly improbable), you will be able to recover it through the backup. Wait for a few seconds and click on Next when it’s done.

At last, click on “Start using the program”.

4. Analyze your PCs

For a full checkup, click on “Analyze problems” on the main interface. Then let Spybot remove the temporary files in order to accelerate the process. Allow it to run for a couple minutes until it’s done.

5. Check the final report

Depending on what the program found, you will see it reflected on the report. If it applies, uncheck whatever you don’t want to remove, and once done, click on “Fix selected problems” to carry out the actions. Confirm with a yes.

Now you can enjoy your PC, now a little cleaner.

If any of the changes done affects the behavior of any program, you can undo it by restoring to a previous state through the Recovery Wizard. Worst case scenario, if this doesn’t work, you will need to reinstall said program. But be sure to check what packages are getting installed along with the program.

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