GIGABYTE presents their new line of base FM2+ motherboards

AMD keeps betting hard to improve the presence of its APUs in the general consumer market, offering increasingly powerful solutions at attractive prices and with the support of major manufacturers like GIGABYTE, which has introduced a new range FM2 + base plates.

Within this new range the G1.Sniper A88X and F2A88X-UP4 models are especially highlighted, equipped with the UltraDurable design of the latest generation, which are a guarantee of solidity and a reliability beyond doubt.

You must also bear in mind that both use the A88X chipset, a top range model within the AMD FM2+ platform, which ensures latest generation support of the company’s APUs and the possibility of mounting even dual GPU configurations.

To this you must add AMD FreeSync support, which prevents the annoying “tearing” effect to occur, and Dual Graphics, which allows you to leverage the GPU which integrates the APU and use it in tandem with your dedicated graphics.

We remind you that the new APUs of high range and upper-middle range of AMD come with an integrated GPU that sums 512 shaders, so they can run a lot of current games in medium-high quality without problems, obviously depending on the requirements of each one and the required resolution, so they are an excellent choice to assemble a computer to play with for little money.

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