Gigabyte P37X, the thinnest gaming laptop with a GTX 980M

Several companies have taken advantage of the efficiency of NVIDIA’s new Maxwell graphics to launch very thin gaming laptops with graphic power previously reserved to thick and heavy equipment.

Gigabyte P37X

However, Gigabyte has taken a step further and has integrated a whole GeForce GTX980M in a laptop of only 22. 5 mm in its thickest part and with a weight that stays at 2, 8 KG. This way, and if my memory isn’t failing, we’d be before the thinnest laptop making use of this graphic card of NVIDIA’s highest range.

It must be clarified that we’re not before an ultrabook, the Gigabyte P37X has a diagonal screen of 17, 3 inches, which makes it an equipment that you wouldn’t carry everywhere under your arm, but its weight and content thickness is appreciated, at least if compared against most of the other “gaming” laptop with 17-inch screens.

Speaking of the screen, the P37X suffers the same “handicap” we found in most 17-inch equipment: the 1920 x 1080p resolution. In a market where resolution has been doubled, tripled or even quadruplicated in high-range equipment with lower diagonals, it looks like it’s not yet feasible (be it for price or availability) to incorporate higher resolutions in 17, 3-inch panels.

Gigabyte P37X

GTX 980M and its 8 GB of GDDR5 (combined with an Intel HD4600 and switchable with Optimus technology) is accompanied by the latest Intel Core i7 Haswell processors, (Core i7-4720HQ), a maximum of 16 GB DDR3 of system RAM and storage configurations formed by up to two SDD mSATA of up to 512 GB and another disc of 2, 5” with maximum capacities of 2 TB.

It has USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet, card reader, WiFi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.0, HDMi, VGA, and SPDIF connectivity and an HD front camera.

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