Free Antivirus Fusion, Avast buys AVG for 1,300 million.

Two companies that were founded and were predestinated to get fused, were Avast and AVG. Almost 30 years after its foundation, the fate has been met: Avast has thrown an offer to buy AVG for 1300 millions of dollars. The operation will be completed when the authorities of the competence give their approval.

It comes of an important fusion because we are talking about two of the biggest companies of free antivirus software. AVG Antivirus Free Edition and Avast! Free Antivirus 2016, always are shown in the ranking of best free antivirus. In fact, between the two companies, there are more than 400 millions of users, being divided between 250 millions of users of PC/MAC and 160 millions of users of free antivirus for smartphones.

In the press release that announces the acquisition, the Counselor and Delegate of Avast Vicent Steckler, counts with a funny anecdote: While the presentation of the products of Avast amongst a great audience was made, a gentleman got close to him and congrats him for the presentation and confessed that he was interested into ‘know more things about the AVG’s products’.

This confusion is because the two companies share the same philosophy and the target audience. The name of both start with AV (antivirus) and are Czech companies as well. One of them is established on Prague, and the other in Brno. They are widely known for their free antivirus software and have the same amount of users, up to 200 millions of users. The main difference is that Avast is a private company and AVG a public company.

With the offer to buy all the shares of Avast with a huge number of 1300 millions of dollars, the managers and directors of AVG have recommended accepting, it creates a new company which none details are known yet.

From the point of view of the users, it seems to be a bad news because it reduces the competence, the CEO of Avast has said that the fusion will benefit its products by increasing the base of users, which will allow them to be more efficient when it comes to detecting the new virus.

In addition, thanks to the union of the technologies of both companies, It will be created new products, safer to protect the families in the network and the new devices from the internet.

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