First RYZEN 7 1700X performance tests beat the Core i7 6850K

The VideoCardz guys have made a complete round of performance tests of the RYZEN 7 1700X, a processor that will make place just under the AMD series, that as we know will be the RYZEN 7 1800X.

Such processor counts with eight cores and sixteen threads at a base frequency of 3,4 GHz and 3,8 GHz in turbo mode, which can be increase if combined with a motherboard with a B350, X370 o X300 chipset. Its price has been leaked and it will be $389.

This means that has features way over the Core i7 currently commercialized by Intel, and a value for money way better that the Core i7 of high range, in other words the ones in the LGA 2011-v3 platform.

As we can see in the RYZEN 7 1700X performance tests it is really good, as it easily beats the Core i7 6800K and Core i7 6850K processors and places it really close to the Core i7 6900K, even when it was compared using a motherboard with a A320 chipset which didn’t detect the turbo mode correctly.

What has been said suppose that the micro didn’t work at its full potential, and it still deliver a great result that allow it to overcome more expensive solutions and be place close to others that cost a thousand dollars in their time

We can conclude that these first comparisons are really favorable and follow the same line that we saw in RYZEN official presentation by AMD, so we can be optimistic. Is important to avoid been over hype, in other words, we shouldn’t get our expectations to high so it doesn’t end up been counterproductive.

RYZEN looks good, yes, but we must wait for official and final tests to accurately rate it.

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