Final Fantasy XV: Graphics Comparison PS4 vs PS4 Pro

Comparing the PS4 version with the 1080p version in Ultra

Final Fantasy XV is already on sale all over the world, a title that has led Square Enix to take dozens of difficult decisions over the last ten years until now that finally, it is available to fans …

Youtube channel CandyLand published a few hours ago this graphical comparison in which they face the standard PS4 version, that is, the one for the model more than 40 million players have and therefore the majority; with the PS4 Pro version in its most ambitious settings, with 1080p resolution and settings to the maximum possible for this enhanced Sony console.

Notice in all its splendor with the rest of the world of Fabula Nova Crystallis. We let you judge for yourselves whether or not it is worth making the jump to PS4 Pro for this title or if, on the contrary, it is better to wait a while.

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