Explore Why the USB-C Port for MacBook Pro Enjoys Huge Popularity

It seems that Apple has been deliberating quite a lot before introducing the USB-C Hub for its MacBook Pro. Apple had, in fact, put a lot of thought into this paradigm shift for their MacBooks. What’s rare is that they have chosen to separate themselves from the proprietary technology standards, which is unusual but not unheard of in Apple’s history.

USB-C Port

However, stepping away from Lightning technology and MagSafe is certainly a wonderful thing for the users as more and more developers would be able to come up with technologies that would be compatible with various Apple products without the need to use exclusively Apple-specific gear.

The USB-C hub for MacBook Pro actually enhances the MacBook’s overall design. Apple is one tech company that has given major importance to design. Apple has not only focused on creating products with top technical specifications but it has also fascinated customers by coming up with aesthetically pleasing products. The implementation of the USB-C hub in MacBook is actually a continuation of Apple’s tradition of placing top priority to its minimalist design attitude, ahead of all other considerations.

The USB-C port has integrated quicker data transfer speeds along with an all-new shape. The relatively smaller socket and the plug are way ahead of the earlier Type A or Type B ones. Moreover, the new port is certainly the best USB-C hub for MacBook as it would be boosting performance and resulting in faster data transfer, faster charging and also, bi-directional power.

USB-C Is Truly Versatile and Highly Compatible

The USB-C offers numerous technical advantages that certainly make it the best choice. The USB-C boasts of a reversible plug-design that facilitates quick connection without being worried about plug alignment issues. This attribute implies that this wonderful USB-C connector would not get broken by chance, by inserting incorrectly. Moreover, USB-C is supposed to be backward compatible. This implies that the users of MacBook are free to connect their older USB plugs to their MacBook, using an appropriate adapter.

Now You Could Charge Everything

The charging adaptor you would require for MacBook is the standard USB-C charger. So now you could use it for charging your Mac along with your iPhone, iPad etc.

Now Enjoy Charging Faster

When you are using this for charging any other Apple device, it would be charging faster. For instance, iPhones would be charging twice as quickly as they do while using their own 5-watt adaptor. However, you would require a Lightning cable and a dongle.

Dongles All the Way

You will need to keep in mind that you will need USB class C dongles, and these will work not only with Macs, but all USB-C enabled devices. For example, the Card Reader dongle you would plug into your Mac will work perfectly on any USB-C device, ranging from other laptops to Android phones too.

Dongles Are Pretty Cheap

Dongles are quite reasonably priced. You could carry all the dongles that you might require along with you, without spending too much. They are affordable but examine carefully and buy accessories and dongles that are compliant with all the regulations and standard stipulations set by the authorized USB Implementers Forum.

Now You Could Avail Portable Charging

It could be quite frustrating when your MacBook runs out of charge. The good news is that now your MacBook Pro uses USB-C, so you simply require plugging it into a portable power brick, a standard USB-C charger, or just any USB car charger.

Leveraging Daisy Chaining

If you are having a USB-C display, it is possible for you to consider plugging it into the Mac with just one cable. You could then consider plugging the other devices effectively into your display. You could successfully run all of them by using your Mac. This implies that when you are traveling, you could consider unplugging the Mac and only carrying the required peripherals with you, on your journey.

Your Mac Serves to Be the Battery

Now it is possible for users to use USB-C on their MacBook for charging the battery on some other computer supporting USB-C. In this context, you must know that you could be using any external hard drive now without actually plugging that hard drive into power. The MacBook Pros with touch bar could be powering a couple of devices that actually would be using up to about 15 watts, and also two additional devices using up to 7.5 watts.

Remember Now It Is Thunderbolt

Remember that all Thunderbolt 3 port would be working effectively as a USB-C hub and all Thunderbolt 3 cables would be working successfully as USB-C cables.

It Is Super-Quick

The MacBook Pro’s USB-C port is known for its amazing speed. Now you would be getting data transfers at almost as high as 40Gbps or about 10Gbps specifically, for USB-C peripherals.


There are several advantages attached to Apple’s shift to USB-C that implies your MacBook Pro today is highly compatible with many technologies with which perhaps, it was hardly friendly or compatible in the past. Moreover, USB-C Port for MacBook Pro is regarded as futuristic if you regard how the computing world is evolving. The increasing popularity of cloud storage and the introduction of quicker wireless connectivity standards are making it simpler and more convenient to have access to data using effective methods that do not necessitate a physical cable. From this point of view, the MacBook Pro’s USB-C hub could be its most advantageous and ground-breaking design feature and has immense potential in the years to come.

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