Comparing two Processors, two Video Cards or two SSD in detailed mode.

If we have to change a component of our PC it is wise to at least go and check whether the piece we’re going to assemble is better than what we already have.

The most important part for daily use is definitely the CPU, but if instead we use the PC to play videogames we can’t leave the video card out. In addition, you can also bet on a next generation hard drive, or an SSD, so as to have a really fast computer. There are 3 places that work for our specific case and allows us to quickly compare the various models and brands of processors (CPU), of video cards (GPU) and solid state drives (SSD).

1. CPUBoss: thanks to this tool it is possible to compare with each other the different models of processors on the market, so you can choose the best or that which best suits our case. The research helps us by giving us the complete names of the models and once the comparison is made you can very simply see which is better of the two. In addition to the general assessment there’s much more information, such as the release date, price, speed, cores, and specially you can make your own and true comparison between two models by seeing the differences in a handy chart.

The main points to observe are:

  • The marks in performance (an overall score).
  • The maximum frequency (the higher the better).
  • The number of cores and threads (the more the better).
  • The power consumption (typically a lower consumption allows for less heat);

If you were not to know of another model besides what you have, it is possible to see an overall ranking by clicking on “SORT” (in the bar) and also see who is at the top spot at the time, also with other charts distributed by features.

2. GPUBoss: identical to its brother site, it shows the differences between two video cards. The tests were carried out both during normal use of the PC and during a heavy videogame play.

The key things to evaluate are:

  • The PassMark (a general assessment).
  • The clock speed (the higher the better).
  • The amount of memory (more memory is better).
  • The type of memory (the latest DDR is better).
  • The power (usually with less power no power supply with more power than average is need).
  • In general all graphics values (with particular attention to the value of shading and texture).

Again in our case it is possible to see a classified list of the best GPU by always clicking SORT.

3. SSDBoss: as a solid-state drive (SSD) is better than a hard drive, but with our ranking it is possible to compare with each other the various models. It isn’t as important as the other two tools, but it is anyways useful to be able to choose which model to buy between two disks, and see from top to bottom all the characteristics of the chosen model.

Since there aren’t many things to be compared the values that can be useful are:

  • The capacity and price.
  • The reading and writing speed (also that of 4K video reading).
  • The Windows boot time.
  • The weight and power consumption.
  • The lifetime guarantee “MTBF” (the time guaranteed before a possible fault).

By clicking SORT you will also see here the best SSD.

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