AMD Announces The SSD Radeon R3

The Radeon R3 is the new AMD SSD unit series, updating a storage catalog Storage in which Sunnyvale’s company is also present, in order to “offer consumers a unique window” in computer products, which includes the main components of a computer under its own brand.

The Radeon R3s are sold in a 2.5-inch and 7mm thickness format which allows inclusion in ultra-portables. They use a Silicon Motion SM2256KX controller which under a SATA-III interface provides a data transfer rate up to 520/470 Mbytes per second, depending on the model.

They use TLC NAND flash memories of an unknown manufacturer. The previous series employed the Toshiba ones manufactured in 19nm even though the Japanese company already has in the market the new 15nm memories which

The Radeon R3s are sold at storage capacities of 120, 240, 480 and 960 GB. Focused on huge consumption and the “Value” label on the front, their prices are very restrained reflecting the sharp decline in SSD prices. They are available on Amazon USA for $40, $69 and $136 respectively. There is no price for the superior size model.

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