ExpressVPN Doesn’t Work in China: Working VPNs for China – Read Me First!

This is from someone who has been subscribed to Express VPN in China for the last two years. In that time, I have been able to access the internet for a total of about 8 months out of the two years. I am making this post as a warning to anyone who is planning to move to China or living in China that is considering purchasing a subscription before moving.

All you see online are paid advertisements, and anything you see with a “Does Express VPN work in China?” will be solely positive results. I can’t stress enough how frustrated I have been with the subscription. The customer service is good, and the representatives are available through online chat, but there is nothing they can do to help. It was over a month before the latest update after the connection stopped working, and even after that, nothing was fixed. It was basically a month of waiting, and the update was one line of text on the website saying, “We understand that China is experiencing connection problems, we are working on it.” My guess is that the market of users in China is too small, and they aren’t applying resources to fix the issues.

I have to test it myself to find new available VPNs, I tested with Android, IOS (iPad and iPhone, Windows and Mac). These are my experiences with VPNs that claim to work, but actually don’t.

Never worked:

  • Nord VPN
  • Express VPN
  • Panda VPN
  • Potato VPN
  • Tomato VPN
  • VPN Master
  • Atlas VPN
  • Vypr VPN
  • Gecko VPN
  • Windscribe
  • Avira Phantom VPN

Worked for a short time:

  • Cyberghost VPN
  • Tunnelbear
  • Proton VPN
  • Pure VPN
  • Shadowsocket (not a real VPN)
  • Surfshark

Works so far:

  • Privado VPN (does not work on Android anymore)
  • LetsVPN (only tested on Windows/Android)

Honorable mention:

  • Astrill (no refund, most expensive, not tested yet)