15 Ways to Lose Weight with Chia Seeds

As you may already know, chia seeds is considered as a superfood in the world of diet and nutrition, and that’s why Rati Beauty weight loss programs uses these wonder seeds extensively in their diet programs. These tiny seeds come packed with mega doses of nutrition. They are whole grains, an excellent source of protein, high quality fibre, omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, potassium and magnesium, and iron among other nutrients. A true superfood indeed! What’s more, chia seeds are considered an excellent food option for those who are trying to lose weight. Not only do chia seeds have you covered nutritionally, the high fibre content keeps you full for long hours and helps you eat a better diet, which in turn helps with weight loss. Also, the high-protein content boosts the whole fat-burning process. With so much goodness, chia seeds seem like a must-have for people who want to and need to lose weight. But now you may be wondering how you can incorporate chia seeds into your daily diet, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. You need not worry on that count, because chia seeds actually lend themselves very well to a variety of preparations. Here are some ways in which you can incorporate chia seeds in your daily diet for weight loss:

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1. Add chia seeds to your favourite smoothie: One of the best ways to incorporate chia seeds into your daily weight loss diet is by blending them into your smoothie. A great combination would be yogurt, banana, strawberry and chia seeds. The seeds add a delicious crunchy texture to the smoothie.

2.  Sprinkle chia seeds onto a salad: Whether you’re preparing a leafy green salad, a fruit and nut salad, or a salad with veggies and lentils, chia seeds will add a wonderful flavour and texture to your salad. Make sure to sprinkle some on top once your salad is prepared.

3.  Add chia seeds to your pancake: Love eating pancakes? Pancakes are a great and delicious option for breakfast, but to make them more nutritious and weight loss friendly, make sure to use whole-wheat flour and add a dash of chia seeds to the batter. And you’ll have some fluffy, crunchy, delicious pancake on your plate!

4.  Add chia seeds to your rotis or chappatis: Just like you can add chia seeds to your pancake batter, adding the seeds to the atta for your rotis or chappatis is one of the best, most nutritious and easiest ways to incorporate chia seeds into your daily diet.

5.  Use chia seeds to make homemade desserts: Chia seeds can be incorporated into a wide variety of desserts. You can add them to cakes, muffins, puddings, etc. You could also make some simple energy bars at home using oatmeal, chia seeds, walnuts and honey.

6.  Eat chia seeds with flavoured yogurt: Another great and tasty ways to eat chia seeds on a regular basis is by sprinkling it on top of flavoured or plain yogurt. You could even try this with ice cream on your cheat days!

7.  Sprinkle chia seeds onto potato preparations: You may have seen the popular combination of sesame seeds and potatoes, especially in the preparation of honey chilli potatoes. You could certainly try substituting sesame seeds with chia seeds in the preparation. Additionally, you could add chia seeds to a variety of other potato preparations, such as baked potato, potato fry, potato salad, etc.

8. Make your Morning Detox Water with Chia Seeds: This is a metabolism-boosting, detox drink that has enzymes, fiber content that is great for the gut. To make this detox drink, take 1 tbsp chia seeds, squeeze in half a lemon, and mix in one tbsp of apple cider vinegar in one glass of warm water. Consume this water the first thing in  the morning.

9. Sprinkled into Yogurt: Add the goodness of protein, fiber, and essential minerals to probiotic-rich yogurt by adding 2 tbsp of chia seeds to one cup of plain yogurt (not the store-bought fruit flavoured ones).

10. Homemade Peanut Butter Chia Seeds Protein Bars: If you workout regularly, this protein bar would make a great post-workout meal to replenish energy. Mix together roasted rolled oats, peanut butter, chia seeds, and pure honey and freeze them and cut them into bars. Bite into them to supply your body with loads of energy post workout.

11. In Breakfast Oatmeal: This can be one of the most healthiest breakfasts because it has the goodness of oatmeal and chia seeds. Add oatmeal, chia seeds, almonds in milk, and slice banana in a mason jar and keep it overnight in the refrigerator. Have this as breakfast in the morning.

12. Add to Peanut Butter: Add more healthy fat to peanut butter by adding chia seeds to tehm.

13. Honey + Lemon + Chia Seeds Detox Drink: This is a detox drink that helps to boost metabolism and flush out toxins if consumed first thing in the morning. Squeeze in one whole lemon in one glass of warm water and 1 tbsp chia seeds, and 1 tbsp honey to have a delicious detox drink in the morning.

14. In Coconut Water: For people who have lactose intolerance and cannot soak chia seeds in milk, you can soak chia seeds overnight in plain coconut water or even coconut milk.

15. In Fruit Juices: Soak chia seeds in natural fruit juices to add fiber and protein content to the juices.

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