SBMMOFF VPN – The Best VPN for Warzone

When you’re in search for the best VPN for Warzone, you will most likely encounter plenty of articles recommending NordVPN, ExpressVPN or SurfShark etc. Don’t believe them. While traditional VPNs may be able to protect privacy, they are not specifically designed for gaming. As a result, you will experience high ping and packet loss. The only reason why these articles recommend these VPNs is because of the high commissions, but in reality, the VPN most suitable for Warzone is being hushed up due to offering minimal commissions!

SBMMOFF VPN – The 100% right choice for Warzone

SBMMOFF is definitely the best VPN for WarZone. It makes it easy to change your location and access servers in any part of the world you want. Additionally, this VPN can improve your connection and eliminate lag issues.

You can check out the discussion about Warzone VPN on Reddit. There’re many players complaining about traditional VPNs like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, almost everyone opting for Sbmmoff, and praising it endlessly.

Player discussions on Reddit:
Player discussions on Reddit:

SBMMOFF also has a big advantage over traditional VPNs which is you don’t need to purchase it monthly since they offer a one-time payment, which is already valid for life.

Sbmmoff rarely runs promotions, but today they’ve launched a sudden sale of up to 50% off. Don’t miss out! Furthermore, using the coupon code SAVEVPN218 can save you an additional $4.

Please note that if you’re not satisfied, you can request a refund within two days!

Excellent test results

My test results are similar to those experienced by players on Reddit. And the outcome proves that it’s excellent.

After connecting to servers in Nigeria, Kenya, and Kazakhstan, the gameplay didn’t suffer at all and my ping remained low at all times. So, if you’re experiencing lag issues in Warzone or Modern Warfare, this VPN can help.

On top of that, I noticed that the countries I connected to delivered less competition and easier gameplay.

However, keep in mind that no VPN guarantees you’ll get bot lobbies every time. That’s why it’s a good idea to test several locations playing multiple matches and find the one that works best for you.

SBMMOFF also comes with a geo-fence mode, which ensures you play all of your matches on servers in another region.

When you select this mode, you’ll always be able to play on servers in another location but this may lead to longer wait times than usual.

Over 100 Warzone VPN Server Locations

You get to choose from 100 locations with SBMMOFF. It offers access to 50 open and 50 strict servers.

➡️ When connecting to an open server, you can search for lobbies where players also have an open or moderate nat type.

➡️ When connecting to a strict server, you can search for lobbies with players who only have an open nat type.

Your choice impacts skill-based matchmaking by making the game find you a lobby with only open or open/moderate nat types.

With 50 locations for each type, you will find it easy to discover a location with bot lobbies. Among the options are Nigeria and Kazakhstan, which are generally considered to be ideal countries for this purpose.

Still, it’s advised to test multiple locations and play in the region that proves to deliver bot lobbies most often.

One-time payment, lifetime usage!

SBMMOFF isn’t a free VPN and it doesn’t come with monthly plans. Instead, you can purchase its gold lifetime membership and get to use the app forever.

The gold membership is priced at $99.99 but is currently discounted at $49.99 (The promotion is about to end soon), allowing you to save half of your money. Furthermore, using the coupon code SAVEVPN218 can save you an additional $4.

With the provider promising support for all future releases, you’ll never need another VPN for Warzone and Modern Warfare again.

Quality customer support

SBMMOFF offers customer support through email and its Discord server. While traditional VPNs usually offer more means of communication, this is more than enough for a specialized product like this.

I joined the SBMMOFF Discord server and found its admins to be at the disposal of customers at all times.

They offered timely and detailed responses to anyone who asked for help or additional information.

They also provided their recommendations for server selection to users who needed help finding the best server for their location.

Overall, my evaluation is that you can get quality customer support on the Discord server should you require any help installing or using SBMMOFF.

Summary – does SBMMOFF VPN deliver?

SBMMOFF stands out as one of the best VPNs that have been built specifically for Call of Duty titles.

Not only is this VPN effective when it comes to delivering bot lobbies, but it’s also easy to use and customer support agents are more than helpful.

This results in an enhanced gaming experience which is exactly what anyone considering purchasing this product is after.

So, if you’ve been looking for a Warzone and Modern Warfare VPN, SBMMOFF is an extremely reliable option. 

As you can see in this SBMMOFF VPN review, once you purchase it, you’ll be covered for life and you’ll never have to look for new ways to access servers in other regions.